once upon a time cast 'Once Upon a Time' recap: An Apple A DayEnchanted Forest: King Charles Widmore is about to chop off Charming’s head when Queenie saves the day. She takes the would-be prince and uses him as bait for her favorite prey — Snow White. Snow and the Avengers assemble and ride to Charming’s rescue, but Regina has spirited him away. She proposes a parlay to Snow. Snow agrees. They meet on Henry and Cora’s estate, which Queenie surely thinks of as the scene of Snow’s crime. Regina presents her step-daughter with an apple, poisoned with a Sleeping Curse. Snow is too smart to eat it. Regina explains it won’t kill her. It will do something even better! It will keep Snow in a deathlike state, but she will be alive, trapped in her own body, forever. Muahahaha. Snow has to eat it willingly or it won’t work. Since Regina will kill Charming unless Snow eats the apple, Snow takes a big old bite. She drops deadish. The apple falls from her limp hand. It rolls down the hill and into a magical portal.

Storybrooke: Henry talks Emma out of running away with him. Mary Margaret is furious that Emma would leave without even saying goodbye and gives her a good earful about her actions. Later Archie tells Emma that all this fighting with Regina is no good for Henry. One of August’s arms has turned to wood now, too. He shows Henry, tells him he failed to make Emma believe and says he just wants to spend what little time he has left with his father.

Regina wants Emma gone. Gold reminds her that if she kills Emma, the curse will be broken. Regina wants to strike a new bargain with Gold, but he refuses. Next, she lures Mad Hatter Jefferson to her office. She manipulates him into using his hat (which she brought with her from the Enchanted Forest), with a sketchy, not nearly specific enough promise to give him a fresh start with Grace. The problem is, the hat doesn’t have any magic in this new reality. Regina takes Jefferson to her secret lair under her father’s crypt. She hopes the hat will absorb what ever magic residue lingers in the air. It doesn’t. Regina has one object left that retains any working magic — it’s the saddle ring Daniel gave her, shortly before her mother ripped out his heart.

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