once upon a time cast 'Once Upon a Time' recap: Beauty And The FruityEnchanted Forest: Rumpy proposes a deal to Belle’s father, Maurice. If Maurice will give Belle to him, Avonlea will be spared from the Ogre Wars. Maurice is not inclined to accept Rumpy’s terms, but Belle insists they accept it. Back at Rumpy’s, Belle serves as his housekeeper. When he startles her by quipping that he expects her to skin children for their pelts, Belle drops a teacup and makes Chip.

It’s not long before they start having feelings for each other, and really, it’s not long enough. Belle feelings come out of nowhere. Anyhow, Rumpy sends her to town, to fetch straw for him. If she returns, he will know her feelings are real. On her trip, Belle meets up with Queenie, who tells her Rumpy must be under a curse, and plants the idea that true love’s kiss will free him. Belle returns to Rumpy and kisses him. He starts to revert to human form, but then decides she only kissed him to change him, not because she loves him. He tells her he no longer wants her. She says all he’s left with is an empty heart and a chipped cup. Later, Queenie visits Rumpy and tells him Belle was seen as ruined, when she returned home, so her father locked her in a tower. Distraught, she jumped to her doom. C’mon Rumpy, why are you taking Queenie at her word? By episode’s end, we see Belle’s Storybrooke counterpart, locked in some hidden, padded room, at the hospital.

Storybrooke: Moe French (Maurice) runs a florist shop. (Did you all catch the Game of Thorns thing?) Anyhow, Moe breaks into Mr. Gold’s place and robs him. Emma recovers the stolen goods, but Rumpy says there’s still something missing and takes the law into his own hand. He kidnaps Moe and takes him to the cabin of Mary Margaret and David’s guilt, where he tortures and beats him. Emma arrests Gold.

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