once upon a time cast 'Once Upon a Time' recap: Hole Lotta TroubleTonight it’s Jiminy Cricket’s turn for a back story. He starts off as a human kid who travels around in the fairytale world with his grifter parents. While they put on a puppet show, little Jiminy goes around picking the pockets of the blissfully unaware audience. One of the things he steals is a cricket in a box, and he’s all, “Ooh, crickets are great! They’re so free!” Yeah, except the ones in boxes, kid. Jiminy, being the naturally good sort that he is, wants his parents to stop their scheming ways, and whines at them for about thirty years to no effect.

Meanwhile, his counterpart in Storybrooke, Dr. Archie Hopper, is threatened by Regina when he continues to encourage Henry’s imagination. Against his better instincts, Archie bows to Regina’s will, tells Henry he’s delusional and just about breaks the kid’s heart. But Henry is not deterred for long. When Sheriff Graham makes Emma a deputy, the curse is weakened enough to open a sinkhole on the edge of town. Mayor Regina blames it on old tunnels in the area and wants to pave it all over, but Henry links it to Emma and decides to go down and prove it himself. Archie and Emma go into the tunnels to rescue him, but Archie ends up trapped with Henry after a cave-in.

As the flashbacks continue, we see a middle-aged Jiminy still doing his parents’ bidding. Instead of just, say, ditching them or standing up to them, he goes to Rumpelstiltskin for a magic potion that will take care of his parental problem in some mysterious and unmentioned way. His sneaky dad switches the potion out for a placebo and a young couple end up taking Rumpy’s potion instead. They are turned into seriously hideous little puppets and Jiminy is absolutely devastated. Lucky for him, the Blue Fairy is listening when he wishes upon a star and she makes him into the dapper cricket of his dreams. In his new arthropod form, he will watch over the puppet couple’s young son, who turns out to be–you guessed it — Gepetto.

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