once upon a time cast 'Once Upon a Time' recap: How Grumpy Got His Grump OnIn the Enchanted Forest: Grumpy hatches from an egg that’s been hit with a fairy dust spill, courtesy of clumsy fledgling fairy Nova (Amy Acker). It’s sort of a HazMat situation. I’ll explain that in the full recap. Anyhow, Nova really wants to be a fairy godmother, but grows discouraged when the Blue Boob Fairy tells her that’s going to take a lot of time and work.

Grumpy and his newly hatched siblings receive their pick-axes. They are named when their names magically appear on the handles. Grumpy’s name is actually Dreamy, not Grumpy, at least at first. Even though in our Fairy Tale World all dwarves are male, are hatched from eggs, and don’t fall in love, Dreamy falls hard for Nova. It takes a clue-sticking from Belle for him to realize why he feels so out of sorts.

Nova and Dreamy decide to run away together and sail around the world. On his way to meet her, he runs into his foreman, Bossy, who tells him dwarves can’t love. The Blue Boob Fairy chimes in that it’s true; his love is only a dream, not real. If Nova takes off with him, she’ll lose her wings and never become the fairy godmother she is meant to be.

Dreamy finds Nova waiting for him at their spot on Firefly Hill, and tells her they can’t be together. Nova tries to convince him that they can take control of their own lives, but he says he refuses to stand in the way of her happiness. She tells him he is her happiness, but he says, “Dwarves can’t love,” and leaves her.

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