once upon a time cast 'Once Upon a Time' recap: My Art Is A Lonely Punter“Not feeling anything is an attractive option, when what you feel sucks.” –Emma.

I’m tempted to leave the above as my recaplet and just go drink. In fact, if I didn’t have kids, that’s exactly what I’d do. I’m just distraught, y’all. They killed Graham in the Storybrooke reality.

I don’t really have anything else to say. I watched the episode 3 times in a row, so that I might be inspired to say something, and yet? There’s nothing — nothing except THEY KILLED GRAHAM. I can’t even add the South Park-ian “Bastards,” after that, because I’m so distraught. I’m giving it an A, for now, but only because it managed to slay me. I may well change that grade after doing the full recap and I may not. Right now, I don’t even want to watch this show anymore, but when I manage to stifle my id for more than three seconds, I realize that may well be because the writers did some great work — in making me care about Graham as a character, in making me buy into the possibility of a Graham/Emma romance, and then in breaking my heart. Maybe. Or maybe I don’t want to watch anymore, because it just smells of ass sauteed in feet. I really can’t tell.

I don’t even know or care what else happened last night, beyond this: Graham kissed Emma. Graham experienced flashbacks from his real life in the Enchanted Forest. Graham is, indeed, the huntsman who spared Snow White’s life. Graham ask Mary Margaret if she believes in other lives, and no Mary — he does not mean reincarnation. She mentions Henry. Graham goes to Henry. They read the book. They learn the huntsman was raised by wolves. There are more flashbacks. And there’s this guardian wolf or something that follows Graham in Storybrooke. When Graham touches the wolf, he remembers even more.

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