once upon a time cast 'Once Upon a Time' recap: Seeing RedIn the Enchanted Forest, Red, whose real name is Liza (with a `Z) has a thing for Peter and I’m not being bawdy. It’s just not clear if he’s also a pumpkin eater, or possibly even a Pan. He’s certainly, however, the Peter of Peter and the [SPOILER] Wolf, and before the end of the hour he’s also [SPOILER] the answer to the musical question, “Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf,” as well as the boy who must have [SPOILER] cried, “Wolf!”

Peter wants Red to come out and play, and jokes that he’ll huff, puff, etc., but Granny runs a tight ship. It’s wolfing time, and far too dangerous to be outside. Granny sings the same song when Red wants to join the villagers in their wolf hunt. She insists Red stay home, and orders her to keep her red cloak on, as it wards off wolves. No one else in the village seems to know that though. Granny doesn’t bother wearing red (if memory serves) either. Instead, she arms herself with an impressive crossbow.

One morning, Red finds Snow White, who seems to be newly on the run from Queenie, hiding out in Granny and Red’s chicken coop. Snow introduces herself as Frosty (heh), then as Margaret, before settling on Mary. Red takes Mary in. When the two girls go to the well to draw water they find it tainted with blood, and only steps away they discover the remains of the wolf’s latest prey.

A skilled tracker, Red leads Mary through the woods in search of the wolf. The tracks morph into half wolf and half human. Eventually the tracks turn fully human and lead right back to Red’s window at Granny’s. Snow and Red wrongly surmise that Peter must be their “wolf-man.”

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