snow charming ouat abc 'Once Upon a Time' recap: True Love? It Doesn't Exist.My first impression after watching last week’s episode, “The Thing You Love Most,” was that Regina doesn’t remember her past as Queenie. Subsequent viewings gave me a bad case of the “Regina remembers/no she doesn’t” crazies. My first impression after watching this week’s “Snow Falls,” is that Regina definitely remembers life in the Enchanted Forest. We’ll see where I end up after I write the full recap, but that’s where I stand now. What about you?

Enchanted Forest: Snow White and Prince Charming meet cute. She’s on the run from Queenie, who, Snow admits, has reason to want her dead. What’s a Princess-on-the-lam to do, other than to resort to a life of crime? She dresses as a highwayman and robs Queenie’s carriages, and whatnot, whenever she has the chance. In this instance, she chops down a tree so it’s blocking the road.

When a beautiful white carriage finds its route blocked, it stops. Inside it is Prince Charming with a cranky, seemingly spoiled princess or noblewoman (Anastasia Griffith). We can already tell she is not the right one for Charming, not least of all because she’s blonde. When Charming and his men are assessing their predicament, Charming notices axe marks in the tree trunk. The tree didn’t fall; it was chopped down. He realizes they’re being ambushed, but just a little too late. Snow has already stolen his purse from the carriage, and is fleeing the scene.

Charming gives chase. In a callback to the pilot, when he catches up with Snow, he tells her, “Wherever you go, I will find you.” He’s surprised that his highwayman is a highway-woman (and hey, spellcheck, stop being sexist; if highwayman, then highwaywoman should be, too, and no, I don’t want to use non-gendered terms; this is fairy tale land). She gets away from him again, but later, he catches her — in a net. Raise your hand if you watched Lost and can hear Jack tell Sawyer, “We got caught in a net.” At one point, Charming ends up rescuing her from Queenie’s knights, just as they’re about to cut out Snow’s heart. She’s surprised he saved her. Charming says, “It seemed like the honorable thing to do.”

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