grumpy-OUAT.jpgWhat a charming love story on “Once Upon a Time” this week.

Fairytale Land

This week we find out that dwarves are hatched from eggs and can’t love or have lives, but Grumpy (who was born “Dreamy”) got sprinkled with some fairy dust before he hatched and it made him fall in love with Nova, the fairy who accidentally sprinkled him. She’s a klutzy fairy who dreams of being a Fairy Godmother. They make plans to run away together, but the blue fairy tells him he’s not in love with Nova and he has to let her become a great fairy.

Dreamy meets up with Nova, but he breaks her heart and goes back to the mines, where he breaks his “Dreamy” ax and gets a new one, which calls him “Grumpy.”


In Maine, Grumpy is Leroy the town drunk. He meets Sister Astrid, the Storybrooke counterpart to Nova, and is instantly charmed and smitten by her sweet nature and wonderful spirit. So much so that he agrees to help Mary Margaret sell candles to help out the nuns. And when that doesn’t work, he tries to sell his boat to Mr. Gold for the money the nuns need to keep their convent.

But Mr. Gold won’t pay Leroy, or forgive the nuns’ rent for a month. He says he has a long history with them, but we aren’t told what it is. Was Mr. Gold perhaps raised by nuns in that convent?

So Leroy takes out a transformer during the town’s Miners Festival and forces everybody to buy all the candles. Ha! The nuns get their money and keep their convent, and Leroy gets to have his moment with Astrid.

In other news, Kathryn has disappeared – abandoned car by the side of the road, luggage still in the trunk. Her phone records say she spoke with David about an hour before the crash, but the Mayor is the one who provided the records, so that’s suspect, but Emma still has to question him about it.

And Mary Margaret is the town harlot now that everyone knows about her and David. Someone even paints “tramp” on her truck.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • Amy Acker and Lee Arenberg were just delightful as Nova/Astrid and Grumpy/Leroy. What a sweet episode. We hope there is a continuation of their story.
  • We wonder if the town is shunning David too? Probably not. It’s always the woman. There’s no “man whore” spray-painted on his car, we bet.
  • Next week: Little Red Riding Hood! Fun.

What did you think, “OUAT” fans?

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