Once-Upon-a-Time-cast.jpgThe epic “Once Upon a Time” finale has aired and – wow. If you’re looking for a discussion of the finale. we’ve got you covered in this post. But here, Zap2it has a few details about the second season of the show from creators Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis.

When we spoke with the creators, we were curious as to how much thought they’ve given Season 2 – for instance, when will it pick up after the finale? They were pretty mum, but they did reassure us there is a plan in place.

“When we ended the season, once we wrapped filming, we – actually, we used to do this on ‘Lost,’ we called it mini-camp – we took two weeks, got all the writers together and we just kind of brain-stormed and blue-skied Season 2,” says Horowitz.

“We have a road map. We have a plan in place,” adds Kitsis.

One thing we did want to know for sure – they aren’t giving up on Fairytale Land, right? Because one of the things we love most about “Once Upon a Time” is the parallel universes.

“No,” Horowitz assures us. “We don’t want to abandon either world. That’s some of the most fun to write.”

We’re so glad to hear it. Now … how long until “Once Upon a Time” Season 2 premieres?!

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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