stranger emma ouat 'Once Upon a Time': 'The Stranger' finally reveals himselfAs “Once Upon a Time” barrels towards what we’ve heard is an incredible season finale, August finally reveals himself to Emma – who is starting to crack, but not in exactly the right way.

Fairytale Land

The story this week is Pinocchio and Geppetto and it goes pretty much the way we always knew it went – until the curse is threatening Fairytale Land and the Blue Fairy charges Geppetto with making the magic wardrobe.

It can hold two passengers and instead of letting it be Snow and Charming, Geppetto bargains that one spot be for Pinocchio, who is a real boy but will be turned back wooden when the curse hits.

When Snow goes into labor, the Blue Fairy tells him to tell Snow White that she and the baby must go together, but he chooses instead to be selfish and send Pinocchio through first, charging Pinocchio with protecting baby Emma in the world without magic.

Pinocchio and Emma wind up at an orphanage, but Pinocchio ditches her to run off with some of the other orphans. That was pretty heartbreaking, but you can’t really blame the kid.


August, who is Pinocchio (congratulations to all who saw that one coming a mile away) decides it is time to do his job finally and reveals to Emma that he was the 7-year-old boy who found her as a baby “by the side of the road,” though it was actually in the woods in the magic tree.

August’s straying from his path is what is turning him to wood, but Emma can’t see it and refuses to take on the burden of being everyone’s savior. She instead decides to just take Henry and make a break for it. Oh, Emma.

In Regina news, Sydney takes the fall for Kathryn’s kidnapping and Mary Margaret’s frame job, but Emma and MM know differently. Emma has declared open war on Regina the sociopath and is vowing to get custody of Henry – we aren’t sure kidnapping him will help her case.

And Regina stages a romantic dinner with David, but then when she finally goes in for a kiss, it seems like the first honest moment of the night from her and her hurt over his rejection is palpable.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • Geppetto was pretty unlikable in Fairytale Land, for us. The loving-his-son stuff was sweet, but that was still pretty selfish. The ending scene between him and August was great, though. How did you feel about Geppetto?
  • Mary Margaret telling Regina she forgives her and commenting about how lonely she must be if she has to make everyone miserable was a pretty great confrontation and really helped the later Regina scene with David ring true. She’s just so sad.
  • There are only two episodes, so clearly Emma has to start to believe next episode, to prepare for the big showdown finale that promises to be uber-epic. We wonder what it’ll be that finally convinces her…
What did you think, “Once Upon a Time” fans?
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