hershey barbara ouat 'Once Upon a Time's' Barbara Hershey on the Cora Regina relationship and where the 'evil' comes fromBarbara Hershey comes to “Once Upon a Time” Sunday night (April 1), appearing as Cora, mother to Regina – or as Barbara tells Zap2it, the “even more evil mother of the Evil Queen,” which is a big reason behind why Regina turns so evil.

“Regina wasn’t always evil and you’ll see that in the show. You’ll also find out why she hates Snow White so much, so a lot will be revealed in this show,” says Hershey. “[Creators] Eddie and Adam always say evil isn’t born, it’s made … it’s certainly true in this case. Who knows why my character is so evil? Maybe that’s another show.”

If Cora is so evil, we can’t imagine she and Regina had a very good relationship as Regina was growing up. Hershey says it was a lot like most mother-daughter relationships – with a fairy tale twist.

“I think fairy tales are a heightened view of all of us, I think that’s one of the reasons they’ve lasted so long,” says Hershey. “I think the mother-daughter relationship, the mother wants the daughter not to marry the stable boy, but to marry the King. What mother wouldn’t want that? It just happens in my case she’s evil and can do really strong magic.”

And on the subject of magic, we had been wondering if the magical powers were something Regina inherited or if she picked them up later in life.

“I think she got it from her mother, but that’s my presumption,” says Hershey. ” It’s not really explained. I think I gave her a lot of things, good and bad.”

We can’t wait to see it and we definitely hope Hershey makes another appearance on the show. “Once Upon a Time” airs Sunday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. For more info, check out ABC’s official “OUAT” site.

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