once upon a time manhattan robert carlyle 'Once Upon a Time's' 'Manhattan': Baelfire is found and it turns out he's ...Don’t keep reading if you haven’t seen Sunday’s (Feb. 17) “Once Upon a Time” episode, titled “Manhattan.” There’s some juicy stuff to discuss.

We’ve all seen it coming right — Neal was going to end up being Baelfire, making him Henry’s father and Rumpelstiltskin Henry’s grandfather.

As Charming says, Thanksgiving would be pretty awkward in their family.

What we did not see coming was that Rumpelstiltskin would not be happy about this news. As it turns out, the “young boy” who was to lead Rumpel to his son is going to be his “undoing,” so Rumpel has to kill him.

This should prove quite interesting to watch, since A) Henry is well protected, by both the Emma faction and the Regina faction, and B) Can Rumpel really kill his own grandson?

We’ll confess to being a tad disappointed there wasn’t some dramatic payoff with Rumpel realizing Henry is his grandson. We had envisioned quite the waterworks, watching Robert Carlyle act with that meaty bit of material.

However, there was a lot of good to be had from Emma, Henry and Neal in the drama department. Kudos to all those actors — the emotional payoff was definitely there.

We can’t wait to see the weary travelers back in Storybrooke, since now Cora and Regina are presumably going to have Rumpel’s dagger.

Do you think Neal will be coming with them, to be in his son’s life? We’ll be so disappointed if he doesn’t come too.

Overall, though, thumbs up to “Manhattan” — it was just about everything we hoped it would be.

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