harry styles one direction barbara walters most fascinating gi One Direction: Barbara Walters says Harry Styles is sexiest, topless fans impress

Barbara Walters has strange tastes for an 83-year-old journalist. Among the people she finds most fascinating in 2012 are Honey Boo Boo and One Direction’s topless fans.
Walters, who interviewed One Direction for her annual “10 Most Fascinating People” special tells In Touch of the boys, “They are the most popular boy band in the world.” And she finds their topless female fans particularly fascinating. 
“In Sweden,” says Barbara, “they had young women — bare breasted — pushing their breasts on their car so that they could actually see the nipple marks on the window.”
Who knew that Barbara was so into boy bands? She even has a preference among the 1D heartthrobs. As one might imagine, her fave is cougar baiter Harry Styles. 

“Harry’s the sexier one,” says Walters, before adding, “I thought they were all adorable.”
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