one-direction-Niall-Zayn-Liam-Harry-Louis-x-factor-2012-fox.jpgOne Direction may not have actually won “The X Factor” U.K., but they sure looked like champions when they took the stage of the U.S. “X Factor” on Nov. 8 to perform two songs on the Top 13 results show.

After the show, Niall Horan and Harry Styles fielded a few questions from the press. When asked to choose a favorite song of 2012, Horan quickly piped up with Taylor Swift’s “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.”

Which begged the inevitable follow-up question: Would he ever want to get together with Swift? Horan’s swift one word answer: “Nope.”

On a possibly related topic, questions about Horan’s rumored relationship with “X Factor” judge Demi Lovato were strictly forbidden.

As for their performance on the show, Horan enthused: “It was good to be back. Performing in front of Simon [Cowell] for the first time in two years was a bit strange, it kind of gives you that extra nerves. But coming back to ‘The X Factor’ is always good, it’s done a lot for us.”

Styles had words of encouragement for one of the season’s youngest contestants, 13-year-old Beatrice Miller. “I spoke to Beatrice earlier, cause I got told she struggled with her confidence a bit,” Styles said. “I watched her at judges houses and I thought she was unbelievable. The tone of her voice is so cool. When you think about the fact she’s only 13, her voice is just gonna get better and better.”

Styles also weighed in on the supposed rivalry with fellow emerging boy band, The Wanted. “We don’t really see each other,” he said. “The press loves to create this rivalry. We don’t really speak to them to be honest, we concentrate on what we’re doing. There’s nothing there. People talk about stuff like that but it’s silly, immature.”

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