one direction snl backstage One Direction on 'Saturday Night Live': 'One Thing' [POLL]British boy band One Direction took the “Saturday Night Live” stage to perform their hit “One Thing.” The Twitterverse immediately exploded with mostly positive response from the fan’s core fan base of teen and tween girls, but not everyone was impressed.

Country singer Martina McBride — mother to a teenage girl — tweeted:

And she wasn’t the only one to invoke a Beatles comparison, though most fans stuck with the expected OMG responses and hashtags like #MadeMyLife.

Washington Post Celebritology columnist Jen Chaney, though, had a different take — invoking the nadir of “SNL” live performances, Ashlee Simpson’s 2005 lip syncing fail.

Though this tweeter pretty much summed up the event’s significance:

What do you think? How did One Direction do on their first “SNL” appearance?

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson