one-direction-vmas-2012.jpgThere are so many reasons to look forward to One Direction’s just announced live performance on this week’s “The X Factor” results show (airing Nov. 8).

First, they’re in “The X Factor” family. After all five members auditioned separately for the U.K. version of “X Factor” in 2010, they were combined into a single group and mentored by Simon Cowell (kind of like LYLAS/1432 in the current U.S. competition), and ultimately placed third. So they know what it takes to succeed both on and off the show. They can give the contestants some advice, while proving the format actually has the potential to produce real stars.

Second, One Direction member Niall Horan has been plagued with rumors that he’s dating “X Factor” judge Demi Lovato for months now. Maybe a live “X Factor” show is the time to confirm or deny the gossip once and for all.

And third, “The X Factor” is already the screamiest show on TV. So when Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson take the stage to perform both “Live While We’re Young” and “Little Things” on Thursday’s show, we could be looking at a new world record in loudness. (Especially if they share the stage at any point with Emblem3.)

You’ve been warned…

Posted by:gberkshire