ellen degeneres portia de rossi getty One Million Moms moving on from Ellen DeGeneres J.C. Penney protestWhen retail outlet J.C. Penney hired talk show host and comedian Ellen DeGeneres as their spokeswoman, organization One Million Moms was not pleased. They called for JCP to drop DeGeneres and told shoppers to boycott the store because of DeGeneres being open about her homosexuality.

But director OMM Monica Cole tells One News Now that the group is moving on, though they continue to boycott the store.

“We have heard back from so many of our members. We have heard back from men and
women — not just moms — saying they will no longer shop there at J.C.
Penney, as long as Ellen DeGeneres is their spokesperson,” says Cole.

Cole believes OMM has gotten the job done by educating the public and urging them to take their business to other stores.

“Everyone works hard for their money, and they want to spend their money
with companies that have the same values as them. And
J.C. Penney stated that Ellen DeGeneres shares the same values that they
do. So obviously, it’s not the same as Christians or conservatives,
which is unfortunate [because] J.C. Penney was founded by a Christian
man,” says Cole.

We wonder what the affects were – the OMM call to boycott versus the ad campaign featuring the wildly popular and well-liked DeGeneres.

We also wonder how the OMM is “moving on.” They haven’t changed their minds about DeGeneres, so … are there throngs of protestors we are unaware of that have been called off? Will OMM stop writing strongly-worded letters to whomever they wrote to? Will they instead start deftly spinning giant arrows outside stores such as Sears and Montgomery Ward?

So many questions.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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