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Lie_to_Me_Pied_Piper_Benito_Martinez_Catherine_Dent_Tim_Roth_David_Marciano.jpgWhen FX’s
“The Shield” ended in late 2008, the cast members knew that Shawn Ryan, creator
and executive producer of the hard-hitting LAPD drama, would try to hire them


“He always
said, ‘I’ll be looking out for you guys,’ ” says David Marciano, who played
irritating LAPD Detective Steve Billings on “The Shield.” “So you knew something was
coming, but you didn’t know what. I was pleasantly unsurprised, I guess you
would say. That’s the kind of guy he is. He’s a man of his word.”


unsurprising event was a call for a role on “Lie to Me,” the Fox drama that
Ryan took over as executive producer in its second season – and Marciano wasn’t
the only one.

above: center row, from left, Benito Martinez, Catherine Dent, Tim Roth,
reflection is David Marciano, in the center behind is Jennifer Beals)

Piper,” the episode airing Monday, Aug. 16, also features “Shield” regulars
Catherine Dent, Kenny Johnson, Benito Martinez, Cathy Cahlin Ryan (below) and David
Rees Snell.


“It’s more
like a cameo situation than huge guest roles,” says Shawn Ryan, standing outside
the Twentieth Century Fox stages in Los
where “Lie to Me” is filming in December 2009.
“That’s why I felt this was a good episode to do it, because all the roles are
two-scene, three-scene. It’s hard to fit six of these people in one episode.”


“Lie to Me”
stars Tim Roth as Dr. Cal Lightman, an expert in deception. In this episode,
Lie_to_Me_Pied_Piper_Tim_Roth_Cathy_Cahlin_Ryan.jpg attending the execution of Jason Wilkie (Marciano), a prisoner he helped
convict in the kidnapping and murder of a child 17 years before, whose parents
subsequently died in a car crash.


When the
child of the victim’s aunt and uncle (Martinez,
Dent) is snatched, Lightman begins to wonder if he got the wrong man – or if he
got the only culprit – the first time around.


Roth, who
became a “Shield” fan after only a few first-season episodes on DVD, doesn’t
mind the idea that the normally unflappable Lightman could be wrong.


“I like
that,” he says. “The more he can be wrong or potentially wrong, the more
fallible he is, the better.”


Along the
way, Lightman turns to Wilkie’s younger brother (Snell), the brother’s
ex-girlfriend (Cathy Cahlin Ryan) and a shady photographer (Johnson).


Lie_to_Me_Pied_Piper_Tim_Roth.jpgAs Johnson
wasn’t on hand on this particular day to describe his character, Marciano
helpfully takes a stab, saying, “Kenny’s playing this questionably sexually
perverted person.


“I was
asking him yesterday, ‘Are you a voyeur? What’s the thing that you’re doing?’
He says, ‘I don’t know.’ I said, ‘You know what, don’t tell me. I want to see
what you’re doing with it.’ He says, ‘What does that mean?'”


In the
course of the scene being shot, Marciano is strapped to a gurney, ready to
receive the lethal injection, with Lightman and the victim’s uncle and aunt in


“First time
as dead man walking,” Marciano quips. “You just don’t like to do things like
that, because you don’t like to manifest that energy.”


But Dent
had no problem enjoying the sight of a man who played a character that so
bedeviled hers on “The Shield” getting his just deserts.


“Yes!” she
says. “Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. I’m thrilled. Good riddance! I was like
‘Burn, baby, burn.'”


Ryan says, “that’s for all the trouble he caused. That’s pretty funny.”


“I don’t
think she was talking about David Marciano,” Marciano says, “but my character,
for sure. On ‘The Shield,’ he was pretty evil.”


Roth is enjoying the company of friendly strangers.


“We’ve had
a good run with these guys,” he says, “with all these actors coming through,
watching them reconnect. It’s been a good one, this one.”

Posted by:Kate O'Hare