It’s a struggle as old as Shark vs. Crocodile, Ninja vs. Pirate … Vampire vs. Werewolf. Whether you’re rooting for Bill or Sam on HBO’s True Blood, you definitely fall on one side or another.

The Twilight books may be about Bella and Edward’s epic love, but when the movie version hits theaters this November Taylor Lautner (click photo for larger image) will be on hand to give the blood-sucker some seriously hot-blooded competition as Jacob Black, future local werewolf protector.

The 16-year-old actor can be seen on a weekly basis on NBC’s new series My Own Worst Enemy as the teen son of Henry Spivey, the suburban dad personality of government agent Edward Albright. He hasn’t had much screen time yet, but as the lines continue to blur between family man and the dangerous life of a spy, that’s bound to change.

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