” fulfilled a prophecy it set into motion in the first season tonight by finally having Peyton get into that car accident she tried so hard to make happen way back when. The kicker? This time, it happened right when Peyton was feeling happier than she has in weeks. Let me tell you, nowhere does your past come back to haunt you more thoroughly and destructively than in Tree Hill.

If you remember, Peyton was searching out that accident in season one (by running red lights) because it was how her adoptive mother died, and Peyton felt responsible for her death because her mom ran a red light when she was late picking Peyton up. It is a bit ironic that considering the amount of

time she spent purposely trying to get hit, she gets slammed when she’s

happy and joyful and not expecting it at all. Peyton is fine, and the good part of this

whole thing is that we get an actual diagnosis for Peyton’s Soap Opera

Babyitis – placenta previa. Which is a real thing! Good job, show.

Brooke is the first to find out about Peyton’s diagnosis and promises

to be there for her through it all. Peyton, however, is

most upset about the death of her beloved Comet. Luke rescues it from

the scrap yard without telling Peyton. Hmm…wedding present, perhaps?

Brooke has her hands full this week because Bitchtoria is back! It seems Clothes over Bros is in trouble and Victoria needs Brooke’s help to bring the company back from the brink. They have it out over their past transgressions, and Brooke refuses to help her mother in any way. Of course, Victoria gets to her by pulling the “don’t forget about all the people who used to work for you” card. Oh, Bitchtoria. You are good. Brooke agrees to go back to the company. Meanwhile, Sam and Jack are busy saying goodbye as he is leaving for a foster family in Charlotte. After a rough start with Sam, Victoria shows her human side by comforting Sam in her time of pain. Interesting.

Jamie gets his own story this week, as he’s being courted by a prestigious school for gifted children. Jamie immediately doesn’t fit in, because this is some crazy bizarro school where kids don’t understand “I hate school” jokes and instead of playing at recess use “recess books” and play “Math-ketball” instead of basketball. Nathan is against the school but Haley is for it because she always dreamed of going there. After some flip flopping, Jamie asks to stay at his school and his parents agree.

Also in this ep: Mouth and Millie are very lovey dovey and post-coital, Haley is producing the remainder of Mia’s album while Peyton is on bed rest and Skills has a crush on Jamie’s teacher.

Random thoughts:

  • The King (of Burger King fame) scares Jack. I love The King! He’s just the right blend of creepy and clever.
  • Where the heck is Dan? Did he split town for good after the unfortunate dog-eating-heart incident?
  • Nathan called the cocky “Math-ketball” kid a “math-hole.” Hee.

Next week: Nick Lachey. Um, ok?

What did you guys think?

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