From the second "One Tree Hill" revealed Peyton's pregnancy, the countdown clock began to when something would go horribly, terribly wrong. Well, the clock finally struck midnight tonight when our resident Kelly Taylor found out some very bad news about her health. Thankfully, due to some decent writing and performances it wasn't nearly as painful to watch as it could have been.

Let's dive right into Peyton and Lucas, shall we? Lucas is ready to give Peyton a surprise when she is felled by pain, just like the pain that caused her to find out about the pregnancy to begin with. When they return from the doctor's we learn (slowly, after a fake out which is intended to make us think they lost the baby) that if Peyton carries the baby to full term there is a very real chance she could die. They don't explain the exact diagnosis, but I'm thinking it is Soap Opera Babyitis. Lucas very much wants Peyton to abort the child so he doesn't lose her, but Peyton stands her ground and some reasoning from her and a well-timed kick from the kid convinces Lucas they have to take the chance.

Brooke and Julian are still together but things take a turn for the worse when Julian says "I love you" and Brooke freaks out. Her outburst seems to come out of nowhere until she reveals that she hasn't been in love since Lucas, and the combination of that bit of history with the fact that Julian used to be in love with Peyton is seriously wigging her out. Us too, Brooke. Julian lays it all on the line for Brooke but she can't return his feelings, and although Julian acts cool about it inside he's an insecure, angry mess. I don't really think it's fair of him to be angry with Brooke simply for not feeling the same way he does. You can't control your feelings, dude.

Mouth and Millie spend the hour rehashing their failed relationship and saying goodbye. The only good parts of the story are when Mouth finally apologizes to Millie for what a tool he was in the Gigi situation and puts the blame for the end of the relationship firmly on himself (where it belongs) and when Millie's Lasik surgery and glasses become a ridiculously dumb metaphor for their miserable relationship. The hour ends with Millie driving away…but is she really gone for good?

Nathan and Haley are celebrating their seven year anniversary in Charleston. Wow, that five-year time jump really messes with the time line on the show, doesn't it? They have a very lovey dovey, cute time and when Haley reveals she's been suspended from her teaching position for publishing Sam's article, Nathan encourages her to give up teaching for good and go back on the road. She seems to warm to the idea, which is wonderful to me because any excuse to have Bethany Joy Galeotti sing on the show is a good excuse.

Deb and Dan also get some face time this week when Jamie invites Dan to dinner while his parents are away. After the little guy goes to bed, they get into all of the trials and tribulations of their past relationship (you know, the usual: verbal abuse, adultery, attempted murder, actual murder). Just when Deb tells Dan she's glad he's about to die so he can truly pay for what he did to her and Keith, Dan's heart transplant pager conveniently goes off. Whoops.

Quick thoughts:

  • The episode structure was interesting this week, with each storyline getting it's own title and commercial break. It was a nice change of pace even if the titles seemed a bit unnecessary.
  • I've been completely over this "everything bad happens to Peyton all of

    the time" thing, but Hilarie Burton and Chad Michael Murray did some

    good work this week and the writing was pretty solid, so this storyline

    is looking up.

  • There were several great lines tonight, but my favorite of the night had to be Dan's greeting to Deb: "Hello, Deb. You're looking…old." So Dan. So funny.
  • Is anyone else wondering where this "Brooke is afraid of guys saying I love you" thing is coming from? Just a few episodes ago she wouldn't date Julian because he didn't seem serious enough about her, and now he's too serious? Brooke is and is not a lot of things, but one thing she's always been is someone who wants to have a real connection with other people. (Aside from the Felix "friends with benefits" fiasco in season two, of course.)

What did you guys think? Are you happy to finally have "One Tree Hill" back? What was your favorite line of the night?

Posted by:Carrie Raisler