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Tonight on “One Tree Hill“: Clay gets fired, Millie gets high(er), Quinn gets even more annoying and Brooke gets some bad news. Oh, and Dan reminisces about shooting Keith over, and over, and over again.

Nathan finally reads Clay the riot act for slacking on his agent duties, causing Nathan to lose his spot on the Bobcats. Things only get worse for Clay when Nathan sees Quinn there and realizes Clay was too busy with his sister-in-law to successfully negotiate his deal. Nathan fires Clay and tells him off but good. It’s surprisingly satisfying considering how much I loved Clay when he was first introduced. Is Quinn’s uselessness rubbing off on him already?

Quinn proceeds to annoy me even further when she gets on Nathan’s back for firing Clay, saying it’s NOT FAIR. What is she, five years old? I mean, really, Quinn. Clay was hired to do a job. He completely botched the job. In the real world, people get fired for much, much less. But I forgot. Quinn lives in a fantasy world where husbands who want to be able to support their families are evil and deserve to be dropped like a hot potato. HATE. HER. Clay not only gets fired by Nathan, but by his agency as well. Dan tracks down Clay at the beach and totally starts drowning him! He doesn’t finish the job, though, so I guess he was just trying to scare him? By calling it Clay’s baptism? That was…weird. This “buck up, little camper or else I’ll kill you” routine works, somehow, and Clay puts on a suit and apologizes to Nathan.

Brooke is still upset for Julian bailing on her for Alex, and also for learning she wasn’t pregnant. Not only is she not pregnant, but her doctor told her she cannot have children at all. So…the one thing Brooke wants most in life she can’t have? Mean, show. Just mean.

Millie is riding on a cocaine high, acting manic and crazed. She even goes so far as to hire an agent who demands $500,000 for Millie to model in Brooke’s campaign. Seriously, this is ridiculous and entertaining but I doubt cocaine causes that much of a personality transplant. Millie + illicit drugs = Paris Hilton, apparently. Alex confronts Millie and she promises to stop. She doesn’t (it’s the only way she can fit in her pants, people!) and Mouth finds the remnants of her bathroom drug binge. She vehemently denies doing drugs. She denies it so hard blood starts gushing out of her nose! Awesome! Later, Victoria sees Millie about to drive drunk and calls the cops on her. Way to go, Victoria!

Random thoughts:

  • Loved the use of The Civil Twilight’s “Letters from the Sky” in the opening montage. They used this song very effectively on “Harper’s Island” as well. (Yes, I was one of the 13 people in America watching that show.)
  • Why is Quinn calling Clay “baby” already and defending him over her own kin? Didn’t they just kiss like once, five minutes ago? Slow down, Clingy Clarice!
  • Haley and Nathan had a very nice couple moment with the conversation at the piano. It’s nice to see one functional couple on this show.
  • Rachel pitches her new big idea for Dan’s show: do a live show from the very hallway where he killed Keith and Jimmy committed suicide. That Rachel, she’s all class!
  • Instead of flashbacks to Dan killing Keith, can we please instead get flashbacks to my favorite episode of all time, when Dan lights Keith’s grave on fire? It’s a classic!

Favorite quotes:

  • “You feel bad for Clay? You should. You were a huge part of him getting fired tonight, and you know it.” – Haley, to Quinn
  • “That’s not high, that’s smoking crack!” – Victoria, on Millicent’s demand for $500k
  • “Oh, now I remember, you know my daughter. Your name is Fetch or Dash or something.” – Victoria, to CHASE!

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