jameslafferty bethanyjoygaleotti onetreehill 290 'One Tree Hill': Dan returns to Tree HillOne Tree Hill” offers the ultimate family reunion tonight, with murderer Dan returning to Tree Hill to try to “reconnect” with son Nathan. I wonder how long until Nathan’s fists “reconnect” with Dan’s face?

As mentioned, Dan comes back to Tree Hill and shows up (with Rachel in tow) at Nathan’s doorstep. Nathan shuts the door in his face, but when Jamie spies his Grandpa he is forced to let them inside. When they are alone again, Jamie confesses to Nathan that he watches Grandpa Dan’s show, and Nathan tells him he knows and its OK to miss his Grandpa. Jamie then encourages Nathan to forgive Dan, but when he has the opportunity Nathan refuses. Nathan really hasn’t budged an inch on this aspect ever since finding out Dan killed Keith. Dan declares to Rachel his intention to stay in Tree Hill until he gets his redemption. I hope he plans on getting real comfortable, because I have a feeling that’s going to take a while.

Clay is busy this week renegotiating Nathan’s contract, but not too busy not to get closer with Quinn through their mutual love of disadvantaged youths, dark rooms and moonlight strolls on the beach. The episode ends with them finally sharing a kiss on the beach. Clay should have been less concerned with Quinn and more with Nathan’s contract, however, because the Bobcats acquire another player effectively ending Nathan’s chances at a contract there.

Apparently, diet pills give you a personality transplant because Millie is a completely different person this week. She’s obsessed with designer clothes, parties and (gasp!) calling Marvin “Mouth” for once. She even wears one of Brooke’s future collection dresses out on the town and then has the nerve to talk back to Brooke when she demands Millie take it off. Mouth finds her diet pills and calls her on it, but all Millie has to say in return is some ridiculous double-talk about expectations and excuses for why she needs to lose weight. You were hired to be a “real” model, Millie. Also: coke + diet pills = a really bad idea. Your heart is going to blow up.

Brooke thinks she is pregnant but is worried about how Julian will react. With some encouragement from Haley, she gets excited about the possibility but is crushed to go to the doctor and learn the test is negative. Meanwhile, Julian and Alex finish their script, which means no more every day and late nights spent together. This is great for Julian who is anxious to spend time with Brooke, but Alex completely panics at the thought of being alone. Alex finds some leftover coke in her suitcase (because she was just randomly looking?) and begs Julian to come and help her before she gives in to temptation, completely wrecking his night with Brooke. Alex, you manipulative hag. Julian, you idiot. Alex needs some serious therapy, y’all. Brooke finds out what Julian is doing and is none too pleased. When Alex goes to pour her coke vial out in front of Julian, it is empty. Julian accuses her of lying and manipulating him, but it turns out evil Millie has been doing the coke. Models!

Rachel goes to visit Mouth (remember when they were friends, about a million years ago?) and Mouth encourages Rachel to visit Brooke and mend fences (remember when they were friends, about a million years ago?). Rachel tries to return the money she stole from Brooke and Brooke throws it back at her, and then slaps Rachel across the face. Awesome! Well, Rachel, you sort of deserved that for insinuating it was Brooke’s own fault you stole her money.

Haley gives a free concert to test out some of her new songs. Right before she goes onstage, her witch of a record executive completely psychs her out by mentioning Haley’s past stage fright and telling her if her new songs fail they’ll be “on YouTube by morning.” Um, wouldn’t a record executive be trying to encourage their talent, not sabotage them? Fail, record executive girl. Epic fail. After the successful show, record executive girl then takes credit for the idea to have Haley debut new songs in this manner. Typical.

Random thoughts:

  • Dan’s private plane with his smug mug on the side? Perfection.
  • So Dan and Rachel live in L.A. I seriously had no idea until they mentioned it tonight.
  • Was the new bartender (Grups? Grubs?) someone famous or someone on OTH staff? He seemed…random.
  • Can anyone explain to me what happened with Brooke in the bathroom at the end? I rewound the scene 10 times and couldn’t make out what she was saying. Is she throwing away her birth control to try to get pregnant on purpose without telling Julian?

Favorite quotes:

  • “When you get tired of my high school class, I’m sure I could rummage through some of my old middle school friends for you.” – Nathan, to Dan
  • “Good to see you too, Nathan. It’s funny — I used to want you to be my Daddy, and now I’m your Mommy.” – Rachel, in return
  • “He is the healthiest looking dying man I’ve ever seen.” – Haley, on Dan
  • “I guess evil does a body good.” – Nathan, in return

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