Onetreehill_girls_s5_240One Tree Hill does one for the troops by framing tonight’s events completely around a USO show, causing this episode to feel more like a music video than it usually does. This is a good thing.

The hour opens with the promised USO Show for Derek’s Marine base, and Haley is up as the first act on the bill. She tries to start singing and completely freezes up…but never fear, as it was only a dream! She expresses her stress about the upcoming show to Nathan, and it leads to a very cute remembrance of the first time she sang to him at Karen’s Cafe. Aw, season one. I miss you. Haley is still freaking out on the day of the show, even when the erstwhile Mia (Kate Voegele) shows up and gives her a lot of support and just a little bit grief for her nervousness. She gives a panicked Haley the first line of her song just before Haley goes on stage and sings "Feel This," which we’ve heard before and is a gorgeous song. Can someone please give Bethany Joy Galeotti a recording contract already? Mark Schwahn, perhaps you can take care of that with your new CBS Records deal? Thanks. Haley is obviously elated by being on stage again and Derek thinks Haley was awesome as well, asking her when she’s going on tour again. Haley says she won’t be touring because she made the choice to stay at home with her family, and it’s the right choice for her. Stay-at-home moms can still make albums! Please?

While the USO show is going on, Nathan is at home resting after his brutal SlamBall game last week. He spends his time playing video games until Ghost-of-Quentin shows up on the couch next to him to taunt him, asking him if he quit basketball or just SlamBall. Nathan tries to ignore Ghost-of-Quentin but eventually admits he’s calling it quits because he can’t end up back in the wheelchair, as he has a family that needs him. He then says that Quentin was the one who made him realize that people aren’t invincible, but Ghost-of-Quentin is not having it, saying people can’t be afraid to live just because he died and it’s not selfish to want to be the best version of himself. Haley returns from the concert and tells Nathan all about her great night and gives him a private concert of his own, if you know what I mean and I think you do. Aw, again. They are just too cute sometimes. At the end, Ghost-of-Quentin makes one final appearance to say goodbye. Goodbye, Ghost-of-Quentin. You were random but welcome.

Peyton’s story picks up where she left off last week, telling Lucas she and Julian were in love. Apparently, Luke’s only response to Peyton’s revelation was "okay," and she doesn’t much like that reaction. She thinks he should be jealous, or mad, or anything, but all he says to her concerns is "okay." Lucas then takes his "okay," marches it over to Julian’s place, and punches him right in the face with it. Heh. Lucas asks Brooke if Peyton ever mentioned Julian to her, and Brooke lets Lucas know he doesn’t have a leg to stand on in regards to being mad at Peyton considering his shady romantic history, some of it involving her. Brooke then goes to Julian and advises him that being the third person in a Lucas/Peyton love triangle never works out. True, that. Julian finally tracks Lucas down and lets him know that he only didn’t tell him about his history because he knew Lucas would never option him the rights to the book if he knew about their relationship. When Lucas assures Julian the movie will never happen now, Julian lets him know that he has a signed contract and owns the rights, and there’s nothing Lucas can do about it. Lucas lets Peyton know he’s dropping out of the movie and Julian can make it without him because he can’t stand to work with the guy. Good idea, Lucas. Let someone else tell your story out of spite. Very mature! Julian goes to Peyton and asks her to get Lucas to do the movie, convincing her it’s only business for him. What is Julian’s real motive? And do we care? Actually, I sort of do. Darn it. Peyton holds her end of the deal by convincing Lucas that it’s in his best interests to be a part of the film.

Brooke wakes up to find Sam sitting at the table, breakfast ready. She’s convinced Sam is trying to make up for something she did wrong, but Sam is just trying to be nice. Or perhaps she’s trying to make up for the 1,000 things she’s already done wrong since being in Brooke’s care? Just a thought. Right during this idyllic scene, Brooke gets a call from the adoption agency about placing a newborn with her. Will Brooke give up her dream of getting a newborn to rehabilitate Son of Sam? Sam is obviously worried and goes to Peyton for advice because Peyton is adopted. Peyton warns Brooke that Sam is freaked and Brooke lets her know that she isn’t letting Sam go anywhere. By the way, all of this conversation and the entire last 15 minutes of the show is set to an Angels & Airwaves performance, and I’m sorry but I really hate that band. It had to be said. Anywho. In the end, Sam overhears Brooke calling the adoption agency and gets worried again. This storyline is getting a bit repetitive, no? Let’s hit some new beats here, writers.

Finally, we have Mouth. Millicent comes back from a trip to find Gigi in Mouth’s bed and Mouth on the couch. She surveys the potentially torrid scene and leaves quietly, calling Mouth on the phone to tell him she’s almost home, oh, and to please "get that slut out of her bed." Heh. Mouth rushes Gigi out the door, and it’s revealed that Gigi got drunk and Mouth was just taking care of her and nothing happened between them at all. Yawn. I almost wish he would’ve cheated. At least that story might be a little more scandalous. Millicent goes and talks to Brooke, who assures her that Mouth would never cheat on her. Millie reveals that she’s a virgin and Mouth "has needs" and perhaps he went to Gigi for those needs. Brooke is momentarily floored by finding a "unicorn or Bigfoot" (a.k.a. virgin) but advises Millicent to just go and talk to him. Mouth explains everything and although Millicent believes Mouth’s story, she’s still upset by the circumstances and makes a "no one else but us in our bed" rule. Millicent then goes to Gigi and tells her in no uncertain terms to back off, and Gigi responds by simply smiling and looking devious. Sigh. Gigi apologizes to Mouth for causing trouble with Millicent, but Millicent the stalker conveniently sees their exchange and takes it the wrong way. Or perhaps Gigi planned it that way and is scheming to get Millicent out of the picture? I don’t know. All I know is I’m officially sick of this story. Please make it stop. Please.

Next week: it’s 1940 in Tree Hill! Pencil skirts and pin curls for everyone!

What did you guys think? Does Julian have something else up his sleeve? Will Sam ever trust that Brooke wants her to stay? Will Gigi ever go away?

Posted by:Carrie Raisler