one tree hill 0215 320 'One Tree Hill': Gonna have to move onThe characters of “One Tree Hill” all tackle different aspects of moving on in this sometimes touching, sometimes maddening episode.

Obviously, Haley’s reaction to her mother’s impending death was the crux upon which this episode sat, so let’s deal with that first. Despite the misgivings I expressed in the last recap about how this storyline came about, it’s hard to argue when the outcome is as lovely as it was in this episode.

It began with Haley and Quinn almost still in denial about their mother’s situation, especially about her decision to accept the diagnosis. Haley is especially bothered when Lydia decides to tell Jamie about her illness (by telling him she won’t be around next Christmas, which seems kind of mean, honestly). We see her finally move on and accept her mother’s decision at the end of the episode with a very touching scene where Jamie sets up an early Christmas in their living room so they call can celebrate one last time together. I admit, it got a bit dusty up in my living room during that scene. I am not made of stone.

Although this story is hitting all of the right notes and giving the entire James/Scott family some wonderful scenes to play together (how great was the Lydia/Nathan scene?), it sort of makes me think about what the show could have been if some of these character pairings were explored previously and not in the context of Lydia’s death. I suppose the “One Tree Hill’ of seasons two through six was far more interested in psycho stalkers, crazy nannies, and any and all drama involving Peyton to bother with the James family, but seeing how great Bess Armstrong is as Lydia points out a very large missed opportunity there.

Meanwhile, Brooke and Julian are still dancing around each other and generally being kind of annoying. After getting a passionate speech from a grieving Haley about grabbing time with the ones you love while they are still around, Brooke decides to move on past her anger and hurt and give Julian a second chance. Of course, she decides to do this in the stupidest way possible and talks her way into what she thinks is Julian’s hotel room.

Yeah, it’s not. It’s Alex’s room, and she finds Alex sleeping in the bed and Julian in the shower and thinks the worst. We all KNOW Julian didn’t sleep with Alex, but why is he so dumb as to shower in her hotel room? Brooke needs a new man, and Julian just needs to date Alex already. He spends all of his time with her already, anyway. I was on board with this Brooke and Julian thing at first, but enough is enough.

Also moving on are Millie and Mouth, but in completely passive-aggressive and destructive ways. Millie is jealous of Mouth and Lauren’s friendship (Skills’ girlfriend — I finally learned her name!) and so decides to hang out with the one guy that will make Mouth crazy: Owen. Mouth sees Millie with Owen and decides to move on and ask Lauren out on a date … just when Millie gets advice from Owen about going back to Mouth. Sigh. Round and round they go, where they stop, nobody cares.

The final person moving on this week is doing it more of a career sense rather than a relationship. It’s none other than Grubbs! Miranda talks him into recording an album on Peyton’s label. I suppose I predicted his impending storyline last week. Let it be noted I’m not pleased with this development.

Also in this episode: Clay meets a potential new client, and she is a doppleganger for his dead wife Sarah! Oh, this is going to get fun. Or really, really annoying.

Random thoughts:

  • Doesn’t Haley have like 10 older brothers or something? Where are they in this storyline? I think they might still be stuck in season one, since I don’t believe they’ve been mentioned since then.
  • Honestly, I don’t understand why we’re supposed to care or even pay attention to a story featuring two brand new, completely underdeveloped characters like Grubbs and Miranda.
  • What month is it in Tree Hill right now? College football is on television and the NBA is off-season, so…very early fall, maybe? I know, I know…don’t poke the timeline. It only gets angry.

Favorite quotes:

  • “You were responsible for raising the woman who changed my entire world. I’ll never forget that, Lydia.” – Nathan

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Posted by:Carrie Raisler