bethany galeotti oth 320 'One Tree Hill': Haley gets heartbreaking newsOne Tree Hill” scraps the lighthearted fun of the last episode with an installment full of crying and (impending) death. Fun!

The James-Scott clan spends the beginning of the episode dealing with Taylor’s pity party after being dumped by David. Seriously, though. Dating your sister’s very recent ex and then expecting her to feel sorry for you when he dumps you? Taylor just might be a sociopath.

Everyone ends up at Clay’s house in an attempt to avoid Taylor’s insanity when Haley’s mom (Bess Armstrong) shows up! Considering this is the first time we’ve seen her since season one (I think?) it’s quite the surprise. Also surprising is her showing up at Clay’s house, considering there is no actual reason she should know where that is and that he entire family is there. Unfortunately, though, she’s not there just to catch up with her daughters. She’s there to announce her impending death. Understandably, the James sisters don’t take it well, but poor Haley seems to get the worst of the deal when her mother explains she needs to be strong for her sisters, so everyone doesn’t fall apart. Sounds like a terrible thing to ask someone to be, honestly.

Julian is busy directing his movie and is spending a lot of time working on getting the best acting out of Alex. Meanwhile, he and Brooke are still navigating their working relationship. They seem to have settled on “friendly, yet with an intensely uncomfortable level of longing involved.” The only thing keeping those two apart is Brooke’s pride, and Julian’s stupidity.

Also in this episode: Millie finally gives in to her recovery and shares at a NA meeting, Alex is still randomly sad/amazing/insecure/confident, and she sleeps with Alexander. (Seriously, I can’t figure her character out lately.)

Random thoughts:

  • I don’t know why, but I really hate Grubbs, the wise, drink-predicting bartender. Why was he in so many scenes tonight, anyway? And why does it feel like he is this close to having his own storyline?
  • Nathan and Jamie sort of had a conversation about Lucas! And Peyton was mentioned! No word on where the heck they are, though. Figures.
  • OK, so Haley’s dad (a.k.a. Huey Lewis) is DEAD? When the heck did that happen, during the five-year leap through time? And is this the first time it’s been mentioned? I know Huey probably cost too much money to get him back for this story, but…lame, “OTH.” Really lame.
  • Also, if Huey Lewis is dead, what has Haley’s mom been doing all of these years? Traveling in the R.V. by herself?

Favorite quotes:

  • “Oh, hey, nine across: superficial bitch. T-A-Y-L-O-R!” – Quinn
  • “Another guy, hypnotized by Alex. She’s like a freaking siren.” – Brooke
  • “You know, working on the ex-boyfriend’s movie in the ex-ex-boyfriend’s house is kind of weird, but I’m managing.” – Brooke

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Photo credit: The CW

Posted by:Carrie Raisler