james lafferty one tree hill 320 'One Tree Hill': James Lafferty talks Nathan and Haley, Season 8 possibilityAfter a few months on hiatus, “One Tree Hill” returns this Monday (April 26) with the final four episodes of Season 7. 

As of now, the series has not yet been renewed for an eighth year, so what happens in these next few hours should be interesting. 
Korbi TV caught up with “OTH” star James Lafferty (Nathan Scott) to get a little scoop on what we can expect…
Last we saw Nathan, his mother-in-law had just lost her battle with cancer. Will much of your upcoming storyline revolve around Nathan helping Haley and Jamie through that loss?
JL: It’s actually Nathan and Jamie helping Haley through it. She’s obviously the one that’s hit the hardest by [her mother’s death]. Her and [her sister] Quinn. So it’s something that is going to pull the Scott family unit tighter.

Would you say that’s a major theme throughout the end of this season?
JL: Yeah. Absolutely. There are definitely new developments that the viewers should be tuning in for, specifically in the finale episode. But as these next four air, we’re going to see a lot of them dealing with the pain of Haley’s mom passing away. 
Because we don’t know whether or not that finale will be the final episode of the series, there’s a lot of talk about how the season will end. Will there be a cliffhanger as per usual?
JL: Um, I don’t know. I think that the way the finale ends will depend on whether or not we get an eighth season pick up.

Ah, so you shot different endings.
JL: Yeah, I don’t know, I may actually be crossing the line even saying that, but hopefully they’ll give me a “Get Out Of Jail Free” card.
Yeah, you’re probably okay as long as you don’t spill the specifics of what was shot. Can you tell us, though, if the show does end here, are you happy with the way Nathan’s storyline wraps up?
JL: Yeah, I mean, I guess. I think that we will always be able to end the show better if we know when the end is [coming]. I think that goes for any show. And I think the fans will be left wanting more if we don’t get another season, absolutely.
But your characters do seem to be in a good place in terms of following the right future paths. The Scott family is on solid ground, Clay has come along and fits in well while making Quinn happy, Brooke and Julian seem to be a good match.
JL: Yeah, I think character-wise, we’re all heading down the right roads. You know, if we were to get cut off now, I’m not saying there would be some sort of catastrophic fallout, because we left so many loose ends. But I think you can always [wrap the stories up] better if you know the end is coming ahead of time. 
Well, say that the show did get another season, are you thinking about what you’d like to see happen? Maybe another baby for Nathan and Haley?
JL: I think I’d just like to see Nathan continue to be passionate about whatever he does, whether it’s the NBA or another career path. I think it would be interesting to see him do something else. You know, we’ve known Nathan as a basketball player for so long, it would be cool to see how he did in the world without it and what his struggle would be if he tried to stray from that. 
You’re already sick of the NBA, huh? It only took like six seasons for him to get there…
JL: [Laughs] No, no, I’m not sick of it all. Listen, we can do the NBA again. That would be fantastic. It would just be an extension of a dream come true. But at the same time, if that doesn’t work out, I’m also eager to explore other avenues.
What else could you see Nathan doing?
JL: I don’t know. Let’s see, he’s worked at a garage, he’s twisted pretzels. Yeah, I don’t know. That’s why it’s so intriguing. Because the world is so wide open for him. Maybe he goes back to school. Maybe he cashes in on his resources with Clay and gets into the sports management world. Who knows? I think there are a lot of things that Nathan is capable of. 
But, more than anything, I want Nathan to continue to be the rock that he is for his family. It’s been so gratifying for me to play. It’s the opposite of what I am. I’m this single kid, but my character is a family man. I learn a lot from it and I learn a lot from being around [Bethany] Joy [Galeotti] as an actor and from being around Jackson [Brundage] as a kid.
So you like smooth sailing for the Scott’s. You like ‘do the right thing’ Nathan.
JL: For sure. I like earnest Nathan. Maybe that’s corny, but I like it.
Anything else coming up for Nathan that you want to tell fans to watch out for?
JL: I think that the viewers are going to want to tune in for what’s happening with all the characters. By the time the season ends, everyone has a decision to make and those decisions ultimately will define them, either for their lives, or for at least the next season [should] we get one. 
“One Tree Hill” returns Monday, April 26 at 8 p.m. on The CW
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