sophia bush oth 320 'One Tree Hill': Monday's episode should tell us if the show is canceled or notA couple weeks ago, when we spoke with James Lafferty (Nathan), he hinted at the fact that the cast and crew of “One Tree Hill” had filmed different season finale endings this year. 

Word is, whether the show is renewed or not will determine which scenes air.   

So, we’re thinking that though The CW’s upfront presentation is not scheduled until Thursday (May 20), fans of “OTH” will have a good idea of their show’s fate based on Monday’s episode.
Our gut tells us the series is on solid ground for one more year, but we’ll definitely be tuning in to see if loose ends are tied up or left all tattered this week.

Will you?
If this does mark the end of “OTH,” what would you most like to see happen?

Posted by:Korbi Ghosh