The moment we’ve all been waiting for on One Tree Hill has finally happened. Someone punched Kevin Federline in the face. Unfortunately, besides that pleasant turn of events not much else happened on this week’s surprisingly slow episode.

(Warning: pugilistic spoilers below!)

Well, nothing happened…except Lucas’s proposal to Lindsey! With what looks like Peyton’s ring! A proposal which came immediately after Peyton confessed her love for Lucas and they made out like bunnies!

I’m not sure what Lucas is thinking here, but I have a feeling this isn’t going to end well for dear Lindsey.

Let’s back this up for a second and explain how we got to that crazy ending. The whole gang got together at Tric to see Honorary Title play (minus Skills and Jamie, who are having their own boys night elsewhere.) I guess Honorary Title are cool? I don’t know, because I am not cool. Anyway, Brooke spends her night flirting with hot bartender Owen and tangling with Victoria, who shows up with plans to act like an idiot and try to shame Brooke into moving back to New York. It doesn’t work, because Brooke is not 12 anymore, and only succeeds in alienating Victoria and Brooke more. When Brooke asserts for the umpteenth time how she is happy in Tree Hill and wants to have more say in her business, Victoria gives her the ultimatum that if she doesn’t want her involved in the business, she will quit being involved in Brooke’s life as her mother as well. Victoria also again states how all of Brooke’s Tree Hill friends are using her, and this is where shenanigans must be called, because the only person using Brooke right now is Victoria herself. Please go away, or get some layers, because right now you are not very interesting.

Carrie is also at the club getting quite drunk and flirting shamelessly with Nathan. For some reason, Nathan doesn’t shut her down completely at every turn. Are we supposed to think he is tempted? What is the point of Nathan’s story arc this year? Is he going to get a job? Or just sit around all day and nonsensically flirt with the psycho nanny? Marital discord can be an interesting storyline, but this is…not. The one bright spot in Nathan’s story is his interaction with Quentin, who shows up this week solely to punch Jason (Kevin Federline) in the face after he harasses Haley. And I’m perfectly OK with that. Haley, on the other hand, is furious with Nathan for losing his temper with Jason, even though it was Quentin who actually punched him.

Mouth also got sexually harassed this episode, but in a way far more easy to sue someone for. Brooke sets him up on a blind date with Millicent and they have a great time, until his boss shows up and starts sending him threatening text messages from the other side of the room. Mouth admits his affair to Brooke, who rightfully calls him out on the unethical nature of continuing to sleep with his boss so she’ll consider him for an on-air position. He finally gets the stones to end things with the boss, who immediately fires him. Lawsuit! Seriously, Mouth. Sue. And let this horrible storyline be over for good with a huge court settlement completely negotiated off camera.

Finally, the meat of the episode was the Lindsey/Lucas/Peyton triangle of doom. After realizing Lucas went to see Peyton last week (when they had their big, awesome blowout) Lindsey feels threatened by Peyton and acts like quite the jealous girlfriend this week. It borders on the irrational, until you remember that Lucas wrote an ENTIRE BOOK about Peyton. That would make any girl a bit insecure, I would think. Peyton, on the other hand, spent the entire episode trying to pay Lucas rent on her office space, which he kept refusing. In the end, Lucas confronts Peyton again, this time asking her if she has "some kind of alarm that goes off inside your head every time I’m happy with someone else?" Ha! Great question, Lucas. Peyton admits she never would have said no to the proposal if she knew it would be the end of their relationship and confesses she is still in love with him and came back to Tree Hill for that very reason. Then she kisses him and he kisses her back, and Haley sees the whole thing! Uh oh. At Brooke’s encouragement, she goes to Lucas’s house a bit later to try to get him away from Lindsey for good, but when she answers the door she learns that Lucas just proposed to Lindsey. With what looks like the ring he was going to propose to Peyton with! Yikes. Not classy, Scott.

While it seems like a lot happened in the episode, the only story that progressed even a little bit was the triangle of doom. Oh, and Mouth, but the beats of that story have been written on the wall since the first episode of the season so it wasn’t all that compelling to see them finally play out. The rest was just a bunch of filler. Here’s hoping next week things will start to pick up again, or at least maybe they’ll have a band perform that my old self has actually heard of. I know – Journey!

What did you guys think? Were you surprised Lucas proposed to Lindsey? Was that really Peyton’s ring he did it with, and if so, how crass is that? And is Nathan really interested in psycho nanny Carrie or not?

Posted by:Carrie Raisler