one tree hill shantal rob 'One Tree Hill' premiere: Five WTF momentsCaution: If you’ve got the Season 8 premiere of “One Tree Hill” sitting unwatched in your DVR, this is not the article for you. Spoilers ahead, kids. Which brings us to our list of Five WTF OTH moments.

1. We waited with bated breath all summer to find out what would happen to Clay (Robert Buckley) and Quinn (Shantel VanSanten) after they were shot by Katie, so naturally our first WTF was the reveal that the attempted murder was all a dream.

Of course, we’ve also seen a television show before, so it didn’t take us very long to figure out that when Clay and Quinn spent the entire episode on a beach with Quinn’s top off and her white shorts soaked through — they were actually in limbo. Katie did shoot them, and their entire “From Here to Eternity” day was some kind of alternate reality shared coma dream.

2. We’re so mad at Victoria! After how far she and Brooke (Sophia Bush) have come, she lands her daughter in jail? With all due respect to Daphne Zuniga Victoria is a terrible mother and a terrible businesswoman and she should’ve gotten the boot from Brooke ages ago. We don’t need another cougar mom on the show – Deb gave us plenty of that with Skills years ago. Now she’s destroyed the only thing Brooke has ever been successful at.

3. Oh, god. We really didn’t need that scene with eight year olds accidentally Googling pictures of sex toys.

4. We were pleasantly surprised by all the callbacks to previous seasons and characters. From the return of the theme song and opening titles — complete with our favorite moments from Season 1 — to Haley’s Lucas letters and Brooke’s Peyton pictures, we were all warm and fuzzy by the end of the episode. If indeed this season is “One Tree Hill’s” swan song, it’s nice to see homage paid to their roots.

5. Clay and Quinn were lying on the floor unconscious and bleeding all day?? Clay was shot in the chest and there was
blood on the door behind him. There’s no way they’ll survive this one. From next week’s preview clip, it seems that Clay and Quinn’s coma dream will continue in the hospital. That worked for Dean Winchester on “Supernatural,” but we’re wary of it on “One Tree Hill.” Maybe they can hang out with the ghosts of Keith and Peyton’s moms.

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Posted by:Carina MacKenzie