one-tree-hill-logan.jpgJust when you think you know a guy!

Clay (Robert Buckley) joined the “One Tree Hill” gang in Season 7, and we’d like to think that since then, we’ve gotten to know him pretty well. He’s been a cutthroat sports agent, a wonderful friend, a solid boyfriend, and a formidable cracker-eater.

He’s also been a father, which we didn’t know until the Feb. 29 episode drew back the curtain on a part of his former life that he’d completely blocked out of his memory. The five-year-old boy, Logan (Pierce Gagnon), who he befriended at his psychiatric institution (it was less creepy than it sounds) is actually the long-lost son who he effectively abandoned when his wife, Sara died.

Buckley tells us that Season 9 has been one of the more challenging ones for him — though, not for the reasons you’d think. “Well I started Atkin’s about Episode 3, so that’s been a nightmare,” he joked when Zap2it visited him on set the first day they started filming this week’s episode. “No, it has [been challenging], because anytime there’s something that you have to do as an actor — if you can relate to it in any way, in a way it makes it easier. But for myself it’s more stressful and challenging, because if I’ve actually experienced this, I should be able to portray this as honestly and powerfully and sincerely as possible.”

Of course, Buckley doesn’t have a secret kid that he’s Eternal Sunshined away, but he can relate to facing up to past issues, as we all can.

As for whether Logan will join Clay and Quinn’s family, Buckley plays coy with us, only revealing, “The ‘One Tree Hill’ family as we know it is going to change by season end, whether it’s some goings or some comings. The people we start the season with is not the same group we end it with.”

It’s some pretty serious retroactive continuity for a character that we’ve grown to love, but we’re okay with it, because Logan is just so adorable. In the final moments of Monday’s episode, Clay began to tell his girlfriend, Quinn (Shantel VanSanten) about the hole in his memory and the potential new addition to their lives together.

This is “One Tree Hill,” so we’re going to ignore the implausibility of the whole thing and just enjoy it.

In a newly released clip, we get to watch Clay tell Quinn the whole story. “Somehow, I erased him from my memory after her death,” he says warily. “It’s the reason for my fugue state.” As Quinn stares on in disbelief, he continues, “It’s like waking up from a dream. The reality that I thought I knew before made sense to me, but now I’m awake and I know what’s true. I have a son, and Quinn, it’s Logan.”

We can’t wait to find out how Quinn reacts to this one, but in the meantime, let us know your reaction to this surprising twist by sounding off in the comments section below.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie