oth old hilarie sophia 'One Tree Hill' series finale: Brooke returns to Peyton's room in a 'love letter to the fans'On Wednesday, “One Tree Hill” fans will watch the series finale — almost exactly ten years after the cast and crew first gathered to film the pilot episode. Series creator and executive producer Mark Schwahn, who has been along for the ride the entire way, filmed a short preview. It’s a testament to the characters he created that we nearly started crying just watching it.

“It’s episode number 187, it’s our series finale, and it’s called ‘One Tree Hill,'” says Schwahn, who both wrote and directed the episode, which centers around the ten-year anniversary of the opening of Tric nightclub, a focal location over the course of the show. Appropriately, Gavin DeGraw — whose career was launched when his song was chosen as the theme song in 2003 — will perform, as will series vet Bethany Joy Lenz.

“We all enjoyed making this show. We all felt like it was the greatest opportunity; we were all lucky to have it. In this episode we tried to capture some of those emotions, and we hope you’re going to find that this was a gift to you. A love letter to the fans who have stuck by us for nine seasons. To you, we say thank you, and we hope you enjoy the show. It’s called ‘One Tree Hill.'”

In the clip below, Brooke revisits the scenes of some of her most poignant memories thanks to Julian’s reimagining of her story for television. Of course, it’s not her own bedroom that felt like home when she was a kid, but that of her best friend Peyton — closet doors complete with a little well-earned revisionist history from Julian.

“It’s like a time capsule,” Brooke tells him. “I could tell you stories about nights spent in this room… we did a lot of growing up in here. Wishing and dreaming, figuring out who we were going to be, you know?”

Aaaand we’re weeping. Tune in Wednesday night at 8 p.m. for the two-hour event. Bring tissues.


Posted by:Carina MacKenzie