one tree hill family affair 'One Tree Hill': Sister sister

For better or worse, let’s face it: nothing says “One Tree Hill” like three women fighting in a pool.

After showing up unexpectedly on the arm of her sister’s ex-husband last week, Taylor reappears tonight as the houseguest from hell. Haley goes out of her way to let Taylor know just how much of an incredibly messed up person she is, but Taylor insists on throwing a “family dinner” for everyone, including Quinn and Clay. I really think Taylor was dropped on her head as a child, because she obviously has some sort of brain injury. The dinner goes about as well as can be expected, which luckily for us means fairly high entertainment value. The night culminates in a three-sister melee in the Scott swimming pool. Eventually, they sort of make up (after Haley and Quinn force Taylor to admit she’s a bitch, which hee!) and everything in the James goes back to normal. Well, as normal as a family can be where a sister is dating her other sister’s ex-husband and gloating about it to boot.

Julian and Alex are busy preparing for their movie, but the low-rent director they were forced to hire is more interested in bedding Alex than actually directing her. He makes one too many passes at Alex, causing Julian to punch him in the face and fire him, in that order. Brooke encourages Julian to direct the film himself, and Julian’s father agrees.

Speaking of Brooke and Julian, they are dealing with the aftermath of their breakup, which after an initial adjustment period immediately makes them far cuter and more functional. Brooke ends up accepting a job to be the costume designer for Julian’s movie, which gives them the potential to continue this functionality and possibly even get back on the couple track.

Millie is back at work at Clothes Over Bro’s and trying to get back in both Brooke and Mouth’s good graces. Despite not wanting to go back to rehab, she makes a little bit of progress on both fronts. Will Millie stay on the straight and narrow or suffer a relapse? Without rehab it might be hard to avoid…

Random thoughts:

  • A Haley and Brooke friendship scene! We haven’t had one of those in ages, and it was lovely. Brooke is so much better when interacting with her girlfriends than in any of her endless tortured romantic scenes.
  • Nathan in the motion capture suit? Hilarious!
  • I still don’t know Skills’ girlfriend’s name. This is a problem.
  • My favorite part of the episode was Nathan saying their crazy day was great because none of the drama involved him or his stalkers, psychos, or fake baby mamas. Ha.

Favorite quotes:

  • “Dare I ask what’s in the box? You’re staring at it like someone sent you a severed head.” – Victoria
  • “You look good covered in balls.” – Clay, to Nathan
  • “Now I know how Taylor feels.” – Nathan
  • “Taylor, at any point did it occur to you, ‘hooking up with my sister’s ex-husband, that might be kind of insensitive, and WHOREISH’?” – Haley

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Posted by:Carrie Raisler