james lafferty lost on purpose 'One Tree Hill': Sophia Bush, Bethany Joy Lenz, James Lafferty, and castmates make their next career movesTonight we say goodbye to “One Tree Hill” after nine years on the air, but the cast and crew said goodbye in mid-November when picture wrapped on the 187th episode in Wilmington, NC. Now, over four months later, creator Mark Schwahn and the cast we’ve come to think of as friends have moved on to new projects.

We realize that emotions are still raw right now, but when you’re ready — here’s where you can find those familiar faces.

Mark Schwahn:
Schwahn is currently back in North Carolina overseeing production on his pilot, “Shelter,” which is a contender for The CW’s Fall 2012 schedule. The pilot, which he’s executive producing with J.J. Abrams, will certainly appeal to “One Tree Hill” fans — it’s an old-school WB feel, an undeniable earnestness, and the same themes of hope and friendship that we saw on OTH.

James Lafferty:
“I’m waiting for a new film that I did to come out,” Lafferty tells Zap2it. “I did it over the summer with a couple friends of mine that are really talented filmmakers. It’s called ‘Lost on Purpose,’ so we’re waiting to see what’s happening with that — what festivals it gets into, or how it’s going to get released. And then I’m sort of just auditioning and getting myself back out there and just trying to meet everybody again.” Lafferty is open to doing another TV series. “It just depends on what the project is. Working for so long on the show, I’ve realized that I just don’t want to go too long without working. It’s just sort of part of me now… it’s given me purpose in life.” He’s also still working on a nature/adventure documentary series with his brother Stuart Lafferty and “OTH” costar Stephen Colletti.

Sophia Bush:
Bush recently wrapped production on “Partners,” a sitcom pilot being developed for CBS. Bush plays jewelry designer Ali, the soon-to-be-fiancee of an architect (Dave Krumholtz) who is caught up in an intense, codependent relationship with his gay best friend (Michael Urie). Additionally, Bush continues her tireless charity work promoting civil rights, humanitarian issues, environmental awareness, and female empowerment with organizations like Pencils of Promise, Global Green, and I AM THAT GIRL — amongst others. She may also enter a life of wardrobe-related crime: “Everyone says to me, ‘Wow, you must get to keep all the clothes!’ And I’m like, ‘Are you kidding me?’ They take that stuff from us and archive them,” she tells us. “One of these days, I’m going to show up to Warner Brothers in a cat suit and break in and steal all my stuff.”

Bethany Joy Lenz: Lenz continues to be a jack of many trades. Her priority is, of course, daughter Maria, who she calls her “best project,” with a smile. She’s also still working on adapting Nicholas Sparks’ “The Notebook” as a stage musical. “Those things take forever sometimes, it’s been 6 years, but we’re still going, chugging along,” she says. “I’ve got a few writing projects that I’m working on. I’ve got a children’s book that I’m working on.” You can also read her rotating novel, “Diamond Gothic,” on HelloGiggles. Though she plans to continue to act, Lenz is hesitant to get involved in another TV series. “Right now it would be very difficult for me to imagine going straight into another TV job. I love Haley, but I do get tired of playing the same character all the time. I could have taken my summer breaks to go do other [projects], but I wanted to be home with my family, so I feel like right now is the season for me to really explore my personal passions as an actor.”

sophia joy oth finale 'One Tree Hill': Sophia Bush, Bethany Joy Lenz, James Lafferty, and castmates make their next career movesAustin Nichols: Nichols appears in Showtime’s “Ray Donovan” pilot as Tommy West, an A-list movie star who seeks out the help of a Los Angeles “troubleshooter” when he finds himself in a tough bind. Additionally, Nichols hopes to continue to direct. “I’ve got my eye on a book that I want to buy,” he tells us. “I want to
make a feature. I’ve been a true lover of movies my whole life. There’s
something about sitting in a theater with a bunch of strangers, when
it’s dark, and having this shared experience. I’ve always wanted to make

Robert Buckley: Buckley is currently filming ABC’s supernatural thriller pilot “666 Park” for consideration as part of their fall schedule. He plays Brian, a playwright who moves into a haunted NYC building with his fashion photographer girlfriend Louise (Mercedes Mas�hn).

Shantel VanSanten: VanSanten is auditioning and continues to support Team True Beauty, which encourages strong self-esteem and self-image, and Drawing Hope, which supports survivors of abuse and tragedy through art.

Tyler Hilton: Hilton released his new album, “Forget the Storm,” this week, and is currently on tour supporting it. While he’s focusing on music, he expects to be on screen in another acting project in the future. “My focus is definitely the record and touring, but acting is one of
those things you don’t have much control over — it’s about when the
right script comes along and all the pieces fall into place at the right
time,” he says. “With my music, I have control, because no matter what,
I can continue to write. I can continue to play. At the end of the day,
playing live shows is just my favorite thing in the world to do. I just
love it.”

Paul Johansson: “I signed on to direct a film,” he tells Zap2it. “I’m in the process of writing the script with Nick Cassavetes. We’re going to hopefully go into prep in about 60 days.”

Jackson Brundage: “I think I’m just going to go back to regular school and hang out with friends and stuff,” the 11-year-old tells us. “Maybe my mom might talk me into going out on some auditions.”

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