Jameslafferty_onetreehill_s5_240After the madness of the last episode, One Tree Hill returned tonight with a welcoming, quiet episode that focused more on characters and relationships than caricatures and ridiculousness. I have to admit: although the ridiculousness is fun sometimes, it’s nice to be reminded once in a while that Tree Hill isn’t always so darn crazy.

These spoilers were written on a mirror in red lipstick.

Lucas starts the episode off by leaving for his book tour. First stop: Omaha, and a visit with Mouth. (Nooooo! Why can’t Mouth just be gone forever?) Peyton is briefly worried about things being awkward with Lindsey, but it turns out that isn’t a problem because Lindsey bags the tour altogether, with an annoying colleague of hers running things instead. This colleague is so annoying that he didn’t even bother to read Luke’s book and sets up his signing in the science fiction section of the bookstore. You see, he thought the book was science fiction because it is called The Comet. Obviously, this guy doesn’t have two brain cells to rub together. It’s called READING THE BACK OF THE BOOK JACKET. Seriously. Look into it. It turns out Mr. No Brains may be onto something, because only two people even bother to show up for the signing. In fact, turnout and buzz for the book is so bad that they scrap the tour altogether and send Lucas back home, telling him to write another book. Ouch.

Luke doesn’t travel back alone, however, That’s right, our least favorite friend Marvin McFadden decides to go back to Tree Hill for good because he just misses Millicent that much. Never mind that he’s got a great sportscasting gig at a local station, with people recognizing him on the streets and his face plastered on billboards and buses throughout Omaha. At the tender young age of 22, Mouth has decided that love is more important than his career. Because God forbid "love" wait a few years until his career is established and he can move to a bigger market. Mouth is an idiot. Young men and women out there, please don’t use Mouth as an example in your own lives. Perhaps he was just trying to get away from the terrible catchphrase "And you’ve just heard a Mouthful." Worst. Catchphrase. EVER.

Back in Tree Hill, Peyton is dealing with Mick and his refusal to admit the truth about being her biological father. She finds him passed out in the studio, obviously on the tail end of his bender from the last episode. They have words, and she pushes and pushes him until he finally admits he is her father. After some stops and starts, they have the conversation Peyton has been waiting for all her life, and he tells her all about he and Ellie’s difficult decision to give her up so that she could have a better life. In the end, Mick leaves to go back on tour and Peyton calls her "real" father to tell him how thankful she is that he’s her dad. Aw. I enjoyed Peyton this week, but I find it really annoying that she has her "People Always Leave" drawing posted in her place of business. Martyr, much? Please leave the depressing personal information at home, Peyton.

Brooke is on her way to healing this week with the help of Millicent, who encourages her to heal her soul before she can heal her company. Brooke starts the healing by looking into skydiving lessons, but the healing really begins when she finally tells Peyton about her attack. Peyton responds perfectly, doing a lot to erase all the ire she caused while Brooke was hiding the truth. She even turns Brooke’s creepy Lipstick Drawing of Despair into an affirmation of how awesome Brooke really is. Brooke also chooses to heal by taking in shoplifter/brat Sam, who turns out to be a foster kid in desperate need of a good home. I am not looking forward to this storyline one bit.

Finally, we have the Scott family, who is still recovering from everything that went down at Crazy Nanny Carrie’s Rehabilitation Shack in Hell. Dan is sort of back in good graces, at least enough to have his Grandpa privileges back. In the process of hanging out with Jamie he manages to learn of Skills and Deb’s relationship, which crazily causes him to decide he wants Deb back. What? I don’t know, it makes no sense. Haley spends the episode trying to get the aforementioned living arrangements between Brooke and Sam to work out. Nathan…well, Nathan spends the episode entertaining an offer from SlamBall to play on the local team. Because SlamBall would be so much better for his back than regular basketball. I swear, sometimes this show uses alien logic. Oh, and not only does Nathan consider SlamBall, but his biggest cheerleader is none other than bartender Owen from last season, who is on the local team as well. WHAT? What in his backstory as a sober bartender who used to be a junkie ever suggested he was an athlete? I take it back, this is a crazy episode after all. In the end, Nathan talks to Haley about using the offer as a stepping stone for his eventual return to the NBA, and Haley gives him her blessing (in a very cute scene, I must add). So, how many episodes until Owen and Brooke are back together?

I know I’ve complained in the past about these so-called "quiet" episodes being boring, but tonight I was totally entertained even though nothing much happened (and Mouth’s predicted return to Tree Hill was cemented). See, I’m not such a curmudgeon after all! Hmm. Perhaps I only liked it because Luke’s stupid book was portrayed to be such a colossal failure. I do enjoy when bad things happen to Luke.

What do you guys think? Are you surprised about the failure of Luke’s book? What do you think about Brooke’s new living situation? What is the deal with Owen? And are you as upset about Mouth’s return as I am?

Posted by:Carrie Raisler