robertbuckley 'One Tree Hill' star Robert Buckley snags supernatural pilot roleOn One Tree Hill,” Robert Buckley‘s character Clay is currently dealing with a six-year-old son who he forgot that he had after a mental trauma caused him to block the kid out for six years. It’s weird even by Tree Hill standards, but Buckley is in for some even crazier adventures next season if his new show gets picked up.

Buckley has recently been cast in ABC’s supernatural thriller “666 Park,” based on Gabriella Pierce’s novel series about a New York City apartment building plagued by things that go bump in the night. Buckley will play Brian, a playwright who moves into the building with his fashion photographer girlfriend Louise (Mercedes Mas�hn).

Mas�hn, of course, is a series regular on “The Finder” this season and will only appear in “666 Park” if “The Finder” gets canceled by Fox… which is relatively likely.

“666 Park” also stars Terry O’Quinn as the creepy owner of the building and Dave Annable and Rachael Taylor as another couple who moves in.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie