robertbuckley onetreehill s7 290 001 'One Tree Hill': The girls get high on more than lifeNow that Nathan’s paternity suit is settled, “One Tree Hill” took a bit of a break from the angst with this mostly lighthearted episode. Lighthearted, that is, except for all of the ghosts, nightmares, paranoia and phobias. It’s all just another day in the crazy town of Tree Hill!

Dan opens the hour with a bizarre (and amazing) nightmare about getting a heart transplant at a sketchy Mexican hospital. He later does a show on confessions and collapses in the middle of the stage when he sees a bleeding boy ghost in the audience. “OTH” is ghost-er-riffic lately! Dan takes this as a sign to come clean about getting a heart transplant, and finally explains the clock on his set. That big ticking clock in the background symbolizes Dan’s borrowed time, since he isn’t supposed to be alive. Rachel assures him that coming clean means he’ll lose everything he’s worked for. I have to agree with Rachel, here. A Million Little Pieces, anyone? Deny, deny, deny! Dan probably doesn’t want the story of his heart transplant getting out, especially since it turns out Rachel paid a family to take their kid off life support so Dan could get his heart. Whoa. That is all kinds of wrong.

Haley and Brooke arrange for a “guys’ weekend” so Julian can get to know the boys better. Nathan, Skills, Mouth, Julian, Jamie, and that annoying kid from Skills’ girlfriend’s class all go camping. Their camping includes the requisite “Julian is a city slicker” jokes, a zip line (!?!), scary stories and inevitable Julian/Nathan bonding. I’m not sure why they weren’t friends in the first place. Although that seemed a bit contrived, it was mighty amusing to see Skills spill the beans on Nathan and Brooke’s sex tape, and it was nice to see Julian and Nathan bond over Jamie.

While the guys are gone the girls have a weekend of their own planned, a weekend that is going to revolve around pot brownies. Apparently, Taylor and Quinn have been secretly drugging Haley for years with these brownies and Haley had no idea. Wow, mean! And hilarious. At Brooke’s urging, Quinn finally confesses the secret ingredient and although she’s hesitant at first, Haley rolls with it. The ladies have fun being high (Brooke gets paranoid, Haley gets chatty) and eventually decide to call Quinn’s psychic for a reading. A psychic reading while high and paranoid does not sound like a good idea. Brooke uses the time to get more paranoid about Julian and Alex (yawn) and Quinn ends up running to help Clay at the psychic’s behest.

Clay skips boys weekend to hang out with the ghost of his dead wife, which is mega depressing. I really, really like Sarah but I hate how her only purpose seems to be to push Clay towards Quinn. I don’t want to be told two people are meant to be together. I want to see chemistry and proof by their interactions. Like, say, how Sarah and Clay seem to be so effortlessly great together. Quinn shows up at his house but he turns her away, only to chase after her in the rain and confess all about Sarah. Rain scenes are always romantic (especially on this show — Nathan/Haley, Brooke/Lucas, anyone?) and I want to like Clay and Quinn together…but I just don’t. Not yet, anyway. What do you guys think?

Random thoughts:

  • Nice continuity callback with Skills not liking nature. Remember when Skills and Bevin got lost in the woods?
  • I’m pretty sure that zip line was in Dawson Leery’s backyard. The dock in the distance looked mighty familiar.
  • Loved Jamie’s true-life Crazy Nanny Carrie scary story. No wonder he’s so brave!
  • There were a few interesting tidbits about Mouth and Skills’ futures on the show. Mouth seems to be heading towards building his own internet sports reporting empire, and Skills is leaning towards searching out a career being a sports consultant for television and film.

Favorite quotes:
  • “I don’t think anyone has had “homies” since 1989.” – Brooke
  • “Yeah, but the damn woods? With hungry animals and the dude with the hockey mask? – Skills
  • “Nathan and Brooke kind of made a sex tape in high school. Okay. Good night!” – Skills
  • “I lost my virginity to my sister-in-law. You don’t think that makes Thanksgiving awkward from time to time?” – Nathan
  • “My father’s new wife is my age, and she hit on me after she slept with my Uncle Cooper. Don’t even get me started on my dad.” – Nathan
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