Chadmichaelmurray_onetreehill_s5_24One Tree Hill celebrated their 100th episode just as any good soap should, with loads of melodrama tinged with some good old-fashioned nostalgia.

The first thing I did when I got released from jail was read these spoilers.

The happenings this week completely revolve around Lucas and Lindsey’s wedding. We pick up sort of where we left off last week, with Haley explaining to Lucas why she thinks he shouldn’t marry Lindsey, and it has everything to do with Lucas’ new book. Haley is convinced it is about Peyton and shows he is still not over her and begs him not to show it to Lindsey, but he already submitted it to her and she loves it. The book is about a scientist and his long-lost comet, and although it sounds like the dumbest book ever, Lindsey calls it romantic and seems really pleased.  There are no other signs of things being amiss and when they start to say their vows, Lucas even says "I do." When it comes time for Lindsey to reciprocate, however, she hesitates when she realizes for herself that the book is about Peyton, and that the "comet" that changed the lead character’s life represents Peyton because her car is a Mercury Comet. That is one thinly stretched metaphor, my friends. She leaves Lucas at the altar and when he goes to find her and get her back, she leaves him for good. That was…anticlimactic. At least we got to see the return of Karen and Andy and meet little Lily, although she sort of seems like a bit of a brat. It was especially nice to see Karen and to have her have such great scenes with Brooke and Peyton. She was more of a mother to them than anyone else on the show, and it’s great to see that connection again. Don’t leave, Karen!

Also going down at the wedding was the return of a few shady characters, Dan and Nanny Carrie. Haley spots Dan lurking outside the church and blows up at him, telling him he isn’t allowed anywhere near her, Nathan, Jamie, Lucas or Karen and that she is never speaking to him again after that conversation. Much to my disappointment he stays away from the ceremony, but Nanny Carrie does not. Nanny Carrie has gone even further into her spiral of delusion and crazy, and is now full-on referring to herself as Jamie’s mother. When Skills lets Jamie go to the bathroom by himself in the middle of the ceremony she sees her opportunity and lures him away. After the wedding abruptly ends everyone fruitlessly searches for Jamie by assuming Dan took him, while Nanny Carrie hides him away in a hotel room and prepares to dye his hair to match hers. Luckily for little Jamie, Dan decided to use this little opportunity to get back in his family’s good graces by following Nanny Carrie to the hotel and then rescuing Jamie and threatening Nanny Carrie to never come around Tree Hill again. I would have greatly preferred Dan to come back and be a cartoon villain again instead of this manufactured redemption storyline, but at least Dan is back. But can someone get the man a haircut?

The ladies of Tree Hill had some storylines of their own this week, although they were less than pleasing. Peyton spent the episode feeling bad about Lucas marrying Lindsey and then refusing to go after him when the wedding didn’t happen, which was more than annoying. Even Brooke called her insane for not running to him right after the aborted ceremony. Brooke is the one who is apparently insane, though, seeing as her big revelation this week is that she wants to have a baby. Yes, a successful career woman and millionaire at 22 and she’s just now realized she’s lonely and the only way she’s going to be fulfilled is if she has a family right away. Brooke. Get a cat. I mean, what? Is she going to ask Owen to be her baby daddy? Good grief. These are some 22 year olds with 40 year old problems.

What did you guys think? Will Lucas and Peyton finally get back together, or is he still to heartbroken over Lindsey? What is Brooke thinking? And will the gang start to allow Dan back into their lives now that he helped save Jamie?

Posted by:Carrie Raisler