oth haley nathan missing 'One Tree Hill': Who was under the sheet? Why we're not loving the lack of a twistWell, that was anticlimactic.

In this season’s “One Tree Hill” premiere, we saw a brief flash-forward style glimpse of Haley (Bethany Joy Galeotti) crying as she prepared to identify a body in a morgue. All week, The CW has been airing promo trailers for tonight’s episode — a dramatic clip of Haley approaching the body. It’s been two months of building anticipation for this moment.

Tonight, during the episode, we learned that Nathan was not, in fact, the body in the morgue. It was just a random body that surfaced in the river.

Don’t get us wrong — Galeotti’s performance was absolutely heart-stopping, and we’d have to have been made of stone to avoid shedding a tear over it. She’s had many stand-out moments over the course of the series, but this week’s was undoubtedly her strongest work, and if there’s any justice in the industry, she’ll find herself highly sought-after from here on out.

That said, when a moment is built up to such a degree, it breeds distrust with the audience when there’s no payoff. We’re glad that Nathan wasn’t under that sheet tonight, but we feel a little bit cheated out of a story. (We probably should’ve gotten used to that, given the fact that “One Tree Hill” was once notorious for using dream sequences in teaser promos, but still.)

Regardless, we can promise you this: there will be more tragedy in Tree Hill before the season is over. There’s still a major death on the horizon, and we stand by what we told you in January – it is a character who is very significant to the series and who we’ve known for years.

What did you think of tonight’s lack of a twist? (Unless, of course, you count the story with Clay and Logan, who is just about the greatest thing to happen to this series in years.) Drop us a line in the comments and sound off about the episode.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie