shantel van santen oth 320 'One Tree Hill': Willing to bet we won't lose Clay come fall, fingers crossed for Quinn too“One Tree Hill” ended Season 7 with a literal bang Monday (May 17) night. Two actually. The series, as all devoted viewers know, is a big fan of the psychotic violent types coming in and messing up the calm, so it’s no surprise that its latest lunatic shot both Clay and Quinn just before the closing credits rolled.

Okay, fine, I audibly gasped when it happened. So it was a little surprising. And I did send show creator Mark Schwahn a message this morning with the following subject line: “You b**tard, you killed Clay!”
Sorry, I just saw an old “South Park” ep.
But, the fact is, there’s no way Clay is dead.
First good sign? Robert Buckley, who plays Clay, is in New York for The CW’s Upfront presentations as we speak.
I’m assuming he wouldn’t be celebrating the show’s 11th hour pick up — along with the pick up of “Life Unexpected” as well!! — if he was getting killed off.
Now, I can’t report the same for Shantel VanSanten (Quinn) — I’m not sure if she’s in attendance for the festivities or not — though we simply must hope and pray that nothing happened to that beyond phenomenal physique of hers which “OTH” put on full display during the finale. Fingers crossed that wasn’t her swan song.
Are you a fan of Quinn’s? Clay’s? Pumped to be getting another season of “One Tree Hill”?
Weigh in below.
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Photo credit: The CW

Posted by:Korbi Ghosh