Sophia Bush's photo Best way to end #OTHday ? Me and @AllisonMunn and baby make three. Eeeeeek!! #Love

On the 8th anniversary of The WB series premiere of “One Tree Hill,” — which fans have celebrated all day on Twitter with #OTHday — we’re getting oodles of good Tree Hill news. Earlier today we announced that Brooke’s father was cast and that series star Barbara Alyn Woods would be returning for an episode.

Now, Allison Munn, who plays Miss Lauren on the show, has some even better news to share. On- and off-screen pal Sophia Bush snuck a pregnancy announcement onto Twitter this evening. “Best way to end #OTHday ? Me and @AllisonMunn and baby make three. Eeeeeek!! #Love,” Sophia tweeted, accompanied by the pic above.

Munn and her husband Scott Holroyd, who “OTH” fans know as Quinn’s ex, David, are expecting their first baby. Congratulations are definitely in order, so feel free to tweet Munn at @allisonmunn.

Of course, whenever an actress is pregnant, we have to wonder what that means for the character. Thanks to our friends at TVLine, there’s no mystery here. Both Munn and Holroyd are expected to return to the show for Season 9, and word on the street is that their characters will be dating and expecting when they return to Tree Hill.

So meta!

Poor Skills.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie