" takes a turn for the morbid again tonight, focusing on the ongoing saga of Peyton Sawyer and her murderous fetus. I don't know about you guys, but I'm really really ready for this baby to be born already. Or for Peyton to die, whichever will end the storyline first.

Peyton starts the show off by making a video for the child she may never get to meet. Because she's DYING, in case you somehow contracted a head injury and forgot considering they mention it every five minutes. The scene is a little bit touching, but….forgive me, because all I can think of when she is doing this is a strikingly similar scene in the superb series finale of "Dawson's Creek," and let's just say that Michelle Williams has a few more acting skills than Hilarie Burton. I love you, Hilarie, but it's true. It's not her fault the writers put her in the position to be compared, however, so I won't say anything else about that. Lucas catches Peyton in the act and gets angry at her for making a "death video" and completely rejects her idea to get married right away just in case. In the end he comes around and decides he can't wait one more minute to be Peyton's husband.

Apparently, a month has passed since the last episode and Sam has been visiting her mom that whole time, putting Brooke in quite the tizzy. Sam obviously wants to get to know her mother better but is feeling guilty about how it will make Brooke feel. Of course, right when Sam might be trying to pull away Brooke wants to pull her closer by adopting her. Victoria suggests that Brooke back off and let Sam explore her relationship with her birth mother, but this only makes Brooke push the adoption agenda even more. Sam somewhat reluctantly agrees to be adopted, but Brooke notices her hesitation and tells Sam she should go spend time with her mother instead.

Also in this episode: Peyton has a baby shower, Skills has a date with Jamie's teacher that gets crashed by the creepiest kid ever put onscreen outside of a horror movie (two words: ventriloquist. dummy.), Nathan gets scouted by the Clippers and Lucas and Jamie bond over the old photos in Peyton's death box.

Random thoughts:

  • I really enjoyed the Nathan/Lucas conversation about Peyton and the baby. Those two always have good scenes together, and it should happen more often. Remember when this show was all about the brothers? Ah, the good old days.
  • Mia's baby shower present was that Peyton gets to pick what picture goes on Mia's album cover. Umm….isn't that sort of her job already? Kind of a lame gift there, Mia.
  • The scene with Brooke and Sam in Sam's bedroom was quite touching. I maybe even sort of teared up a little bit. Maybe. Sniff.
  • Did anyone catch the "Stay out of it, Nick Lachey?" segment on "The Soup" this week? That Joel McHale, he loves to make fun of our show! Hee.

Next week: Peyton and Lucas get married! Julian returns! And so does…Nick Lachey? Alrighty then.

What did you guys think?

Posted by:Carrie Raisler