Onyango Obama: President's uncle arrested on suspicion of DUI

President Obama’s 67-year-old uncle Onyango Obama was arrested last week (Aug 24) under suspicion of DUI after rolling through a stop sign and nearly hitting an unmarked police car.   

Officer Val Krishtal of Framingham, Mass. pulled over Obama’s white Mitsubishi SUV and noticed the driver had “red and glassy eyes, slurred speech and [the] strong of odor of alcohol.” In addition, Obama was argumentative and “appeared unsteady on his feet.”

According to reports, Obama denied drinking alcohol before admitting to having two beers.  His blood-alcohol is reported to be 0.12%, which is well above the legal Mass. limit of 0.08%.

And of course, after Obama was taken into custody, he asked to “call the White House.”  

While Obama is in enough trouble for his potential DUI, his immigration status compounds the situation. The Boston Herald reports that Obama has a Social Security card as well as a Massachusetts driver’s license. However, he is currently being held without bail on an immigration detainer; this most likely stems from an earlier deportation or removal order placed on Obama (as reported by the Associated Press).

We HOPE that this incident will provide the wake-up call that Onyango Obama needs to CHANGE. See what we did there?

Posted by:janderson