fey carell morgan oprah 'Oprah' brings the funny: Steve Carell, Tina Fey, Tracy Morgan, Betty WhiteOprah Winfrey had an embarrassment of comedy riches on her show Tuesday (April 6).

“Date Night” stars Tina Fey and Steve Carell were the headliners, talking about their movie “Date Night,” working together for the first time and the large amounts of improvisation they did on the film. But Winfrey also had Fey’s “30 Rock” co-star Tracy Morgan and The Beloved Betty White on the air, making for an hour of comedy power.

Some highlights:

Fey and Carell on Fey being “the thinking man’s sex symbol”: “I’ve heard that, and I sort of feel like that’s not really a thing,” Fey says, “because I feel like even the thinking man wants Megan Fox and Jessica Simpson. Like, the thinking man’s like: ‘Yeah, get out of here. I see Jessica Simpson.”

Carell: “I think she’s a sex symbol of the idiot and the thinking man, frankly.”

Carell on his real-life personality: “If you ever invited me to a cocktail party, I would so go against [the image people have of me].”

Fey: “He’s very quiet in real life.”

Carell: “Well, that’s another way of saying pretty boring, I think, to meet me. I never really thought of myself as funny, per se. … I don’t sit and watch myself and say, ‘Damn, that is hilarious.'”

Morgan on his irresistibility: “Charm, man, charm. I’ve got that charm, you know? And your teeth is pretty and stuff, all you have to do is smile. I’m the black Svengali.”

Morgan’s ideal woman: “I like a strong woman, but she’s got to be weak enough to need me. I need to be there. … It’s unity — united we stand, divided we fall. We’ve got to be tighter than pantyhose two sizes too small. It would help that she had her own talk show.”

White on hosting “Saturday Night Live” in May: “I think they’ve lost their minds if they have an 88-year-old woman doing the show. But what do they know?”

White on what she’d like to do next: “My answer is always … Robert Redford. Bless his dear heart, he’s heard me take his name in vain for decades. And he wrote me a very sweet congratulation note when I got the lifetime achievement Award from [the Screen Actors Guild]. I was thrilled. I haven’t stopped ringing his doorbell since.”

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