charlanash video 290 'Oprah': Chimp victim Charla Nash reveals face, life since attackCharla Nash is speaking up ever since she was attacked by her friend’s chimpanzee Travis in February 2009, losing most of her face and some of her scalp and jawbone as a result.

She appeared on the “Oprah Winfrey” show Wednesday to discuss her life recuperating at the hospital since that incident and to show her face on her own terms.

Nash, 55, had never revealed her face to the public until that point. Winfrey discussed why during her interview with Nash below:

The following Celeb TV segment, which obtained footage from “Oprah,” actually reveals Nash’s face, which she usually keeps hidden with a veiled hat. Warning: The image may be disturbing for some. Skip the video if you’d rather not see it.

At the time of the February attack, Travis was shot and killed by police officers.

Nash is hoping to get a face and hand transplant. She can no longer see since her eyes were removed.

Although we’re saddened and horrified by this heartbreaking story, we’re always amazed by human resilience and respect Nash for choosing how she’d like to be seen by the world and how she’s going to proceed with her life.

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Posted by:Hanh Nguyen