oprah winfrey glenn beck Oprah Winfrey regains Favorite TV Personality title, Glenn Beck secondThe annual Harris Poll for Favorite TV Personality has been released — Oprah Winfrey wins for the eighth time.

It’s no surprise that ruler of the known universe talk-show host Oprah Winfrey is No. 1 on the Harris Poll. In 17 years, she’s been No. 1 eight times and the other nine times she finished either 2nd, 3rd or 4th.

In a bit of a surprise, Glenn Beck makes his poll debut at the No. 2 spot. Jay Leno takes a hit by dropping from No. 1 last year to No. 3 this year. Rounding out the Top 5 are Ellen DeGeneres and Hugh Laurie in a tie for fourth. We sort-of assumed TV personality meant a real person — we’re pretty sure Dr. Gregory House actually placed fourth.

Coming in at No. 5 is Jon Stewart and No. 6 is Charlie Sheen. We’re assuming that either A) these surveys were conducted pre-knife-wielding-scandal or B) the voters think Sheen is actually Charlie Harper. Similarly, Mark Harmon is No. 7 (not similarly that he was involved in a knife-wielding scandal, but that people were casting their votes more for Jethro Gibbs).

David Letterman’s sex scandal dropped him from No. 5 last year to No. 9 and rounding out the Top 10 is Bill O’Reilly. Dropping out of the list this year are Steve Carell and Stephen Colbert.

Here’s an interesting break-down among demographics:

Men: Jay Leno    
Women: Oprah Winfrey    
Echo Boomers (18-32): Conan O’Brien    
Gen X (33-44): Oprah Winfrey    
Baby Boomers (45-63): Oprah Winfrey    
Matures (64+): Glenn Beck    
Republicans: Glenn Beck    
Democrats: Oprah Winfrey    
Independents: Glenn Beck    
Conservatives: Glenn Beck    
Moderates: Oprah Winfrey    
Liberals: Jon Stewart    
Single women: Oprah Winfrey    
Married women: Oprah Winfrey    
East: Oprah Winfrey    
Midwest: Glenn Beck    
South: Oprah Winfrey    
West: Hugh Laurie

Interesting. Also, we had no idea we were considered an “Echo Boomer.” Huh.

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