oprah finale ratings 320 Oprah Winfrey wants you to 'Own Your Life' (and watch her new show)Oprah Winfrey‘s cable network is about to get a whole lot more Oprah Winfrey on its schedule.

Winfrey, who’s now the CEO of OWN as well as its namesake, is repackaging the 25 years of her daytime show for a series called “Own Your Life (the oprah class).” The daily series will air at 8 p.m. ET weekdays starting Oct. 10, following the debut of Rosie O’Donnell‘s new talk show.

“At Oprah’s core, she is a teacher,” OWN president Sheri Salata says. “‘Own Your Life (the oprah class)’ is the brand we are building at OWN. This will be a signature series.”

“Own Your Life (the oprah class)” — seriously, we can’t get enough of the parentheses and lower-cased “oprah” — will take segments from Winfrey’s daytime show over the years and turn them into lessons about, as she often states, “living your best life.” They’ll cover topics ranging from family to work to “understanding your purpose.” Winfrey will also tape new material in which she reflects on those moments from the daytime show.

The TV series will be accompanied by an online class at Oprah.com for those who want to take an even deeper dive into the material.

Posted by:Rick Porter