oprahs favorite things 2012 oprah winfrey omag 400 'Oprah's Favorite Things' 2012: Josh Groban and Dr. Dre are on Winfrey's holiday listThe holiday shopping season is officially upon us. It’s official because Oprah Winfrey has ordained it with her list of “Favorite Things.” Ranging from a $35 blue velvet cake to a $3,000 home gym, Oprah’s got the top items you’ll want to give your mate, your mother-in-law, or — why not — yourself. 

Here are some of the highlights:
  • Imagine the excitement when your loved one tears off that gift wrap to find … a set of soaps? Well, for $238 they better be grateful. Oprah says the set of 14 Lafco soaps — which she calls “luxuriously oversize” and “deliciously scented” — is her “go-to gift.” She even hand-delivered a set to Stephen Colbert. (So cross soaps off your list if you get Colbert in the Secret Santa drawing.)
  • Oprah personally curated a set of 12 non-toxic nail polish colors by Julep, which would run you $168 if you didn’t have the Oprah hook-up. Entering her name as a promo code brings your tab down to $84. Can someone say stocking stuffers?
  • For the pet lover on your holiday list, Oprah asks, “What do you get for the dog that reads Architectural Digest?” The correct answer is: An agent. Because if your dog can read, and you’re not cashing in on that, you’re just being lazy. Oprah thinks you should get said animal a Harry Barker dog food canister and bowl. With her generously arranged discount, you won’t shell out more than $45. And if your dog can read, that’s just pocket change.
  • Spring for the $5,000 Bose Video Wave II, and you’ll be a step ahead of Ms. Winfrey because even she doesn’t even have one yet. This magic piece of electronics equipment combines a “46-inch high-definition television, home theater, and music system in one revolutionary product.”
  • Oprah likes to keep it classy, and she doesn’t want a peasanty ice bucket getting in the way of her chilled California vintage. Here to save the day — and the holiday party — is Corkcicle. Just replace the cork in “any bottle of wine that needs to stay cool” with this strange, fake ice looking, chilling gadget. At $25, this is one of the most affordable — and practical? — items on Oprah’s list.
  • Josh Groban’s holiday CD, “Noel” is technically a re-gift. Oprah’s had it on her list before, but she says she can’t find a more suitable replacement. So, Groban it is. You can snag the disc from his web site for a mere 10 bucks.
  • Dr. Dre designed a special holiday-themed pair of his Beats by Dre earbuds for Oprah’s fans. Because nothing says gangster rap like Oprah Winfrey and $150 dollar earbuds.
  • Oprah must have quite the collection of Louboutins, but she claims “heels are not my friend.” And far be it from Oprah to don just any old kicks. No, Oprah must have sparkly studded kicks, and thanks to Michael Kors, you can too — for the low, low price of $195. No promo code for this one. (Hello, you did hear the name Michael Kors, right?)
  • You wouldn’t think a mogul like Oprah would have much leisure time now that’s she’s running her own [pun intended] network, but apparently she’s got plenty of opportunities to sip on booze, because there’s quite a bit of it on this list. In particular is a Moscow Mule kit. Oprah says it’s “everything you need to make a brilliant Moscow Mule, including my personal recipe.” Did you hear that? This holiday season, you can get drunk just like Oprah. Cost: Priceless.
The complete 2012 “Favorite Things” list can be seen in slideshow form on Oprah’s website. She’ll also feature all the items in a two-hour OWN special on Nov. 18, 2012.
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