danielle brooks samira wiley uzo aduba olympics orange is the new black gi 'Orange Is the New Black': Cast members reveal the Winter Olympic events they'd compete inA week into the 2014 Winter Games and Olympics fever is everywhere — even amongst the cast of “Orange Is the New Black.”

Speaking with E! News’ Marc Malkin at the Savannah College Art and Design’s aTVfest, “OITNB” cast member Uzo Aduba (Crazy Eyes) reveals a past that’s perfectly suited for the Winter Olympics.

“Absolutely, figure skating,” she says when asked what sport she’d compete in if she could. “I figure skated for, like, 10 years when I was a kid.”

Though she’s not putting her talents to work on the ice, she did show off some moves in episode 13 of the Netflix hit’s first season. “I used that special skill when I auditioned for the pageant,” Aduba says, referring to the prison’s Christmas show. “It was really me figure skating. People have asked before … ‘Is that a stunt double doing those axels and jumps?’ No, that was me. That was me doing it.”

Just don’t expect to ever see photos of a young Aduba in costume on the ice. “They have been burned or locked away,” she says. “If they haven’t, I will find the people who have them.”

While they may not have the hidden talent Aduba has, her co-stars also weighed in on which event they’d like to compete in. “The luge,” Samira Wiley (Poussey) says. “You have, like, four different people for bobsledding, but the luge if just you. I want it to be just me. I don’t want anybody else. I’m gonna win the race.”

Don’t tell Danielle Brooks that. The actress, who plays Taystee on the show, says she dreams of bobsledding with her cast. “I’ll have my crew,” she adds. “It will be me, Uzo and Samira. ‘Orange Is the New Olympics!'”

“Orange Is the New Black” returns for Season 2 on Netflix later this year.

Posted by:Billy Nilles