laura prepon oitnb season 2 news netflix 'Orange Is the New Black': Laura Prepon returning for 'most' of Season 2If creator Jenji Kohan is to be believed, Season 2 of “Orange Is the New Black” will have even more of Laura Prepon than previously reported.

Fans of Prepon’s character Alex Vause and her storyline with Taylor Schilling‘s Piper were dismayed by early reports that the former “That ’70s Show” star would only return for one episode to offer some sort of closure. In November, the number was upped to four episodes, giving fans some slight relief.

Now, however, Kohan is claiming the actress will be around for “most” of Season 2. “Yes, yes, she is coming back,” the creator tells Us Weekly at the Writers Guild Awards on Saturday (Feb. 1). “Not the whole season, but … you’ll see her for most of it.”

Season 2 of the Netflix breakout hit has been filming since July, so the continued growth of Prepon’s involvement raises the question of how exactly has the show has reincorporated the actress it once thought it had to move on from. Only time will tell, it seems.

“Orange Is the New Black” returns to Netflix later this year.

Posted by:Billy Nilles